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A guide to buying Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator


There are many things to consider when buying a Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator. From its design, to the engine and even to the optional extras that may be available. When you are considering a Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator, there are various factors that need to be considered. The purpose of this review is to help you choose a Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator suited to your needs.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Bucket capacity

There are buckets, and there are buckets. I’m not talking about the plastic variety, but rather the type you see on backhoes, excavators, and skid steers. These buckets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each is designed for a specific purpose. For example, some buckets have teeth or cutting edges to help them dig through soil and rock. Other buckets have smooth sides for scooping up dirt or mixing concrete.

So what is a bucket capacity? It refers to the amount of material that a bucket can hold. A bucket’s capacity varies according to its size and shape; smaller buckets generally have smaller capacities than larger ones. Buckets are measured in cubic yards (cu yd), cubic feet (cu ft) or cubic meters (cu m).

The capacity depends on how much soil or gravel the bucket can hold at any given time. This is an important factor when calculating the amount of time it takes to complete a job. A larger bucket will fill up faster than a smaller one, so you’ll get more work done in less time if you use a large bucket instead of a small one.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Engine power

The Hitachi Zaxis 60 USB-5 excavator is the smallest machine in the range, but with a maximum digging depth of 4.7 meters and maximum vertical reach of 7.1 meters, it packs a lot of punch for its size. The ZX60USB-5 is designed for utility work including trenching

The ZX60USB-5 has three operating modes: automatic, manual and power. In automatic mode, the machine can automatically adjust engine speed to match hydraulic flow depending on the task being performed. In manual mode, operators can fix the engine speed to a specified rpm level to suit their needs. The Hitachi power mode uses the full potential of the engine to increase bucket digging force by 10 percent and lifting capacity by 5 percent for tasks such as heavy digging or lifting.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Height to top of cab

The Zaxis-5 series raises the bar for productivity. The machine is designed to increase uptime and lower your cost per tonne. Delivering outstanding fuel efficiency, excellent controllability and enhanced operator comfort, the Zaxis-5 machines are ready to tackle your toughest jobs.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Digging depth

The Hitachi ZX60USB-5 is a mid sized excavator, with an operating weight of 15,500kg. It has a digging depth of 5.6 metres, which is ideal for most landscaping applications.

The machine has a zero tail swing design and low centre of gravity that make working on uneven ground and in tight spaces much easier than many other models. The ZX60USB is also very stable and manoeuvrable.

The Hitachi ZX60USB-5 will suit any landscaping operation, and it’s extremely versatile and reliable.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Operating weight

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Operating weight: 6.373 kg

Weight class: 6.3 t

Transport Length: 7.06 m

Transport Width: 2.49 m

Transport Height: 3.09 m

Engine Manufacturer: Isuzu

Engine Model: 4JJ1XS-08A3C1

Engine Output – Net: 55,2 kW (75 HP)

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Maximum digging reach

The Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator has a maximum digging reach of 10,102 millimeters or 331.7 inches.

This Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator specification sheet can be found in the manuals section of this website and it is also available for download in PDF format.

The Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator has a bucket capacity of 0.15 cubic meters or 4.9 cubic feet and it has an operating weight of 6,000 kilograms or 13,228 pounds. The dimensions of the ZX 60 USB 5 are 5,670 mm x 1,970 mm x 2,700 mm or 18′ 7″ x 6′ 5″ x 8′ 10″.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Shipping height

Shipping height is an important measurement of what a piece of equipment can clear on a trailer or other method of transport. It is usually measured from the top of the machine to the bottom of the counterweight.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Hydraulic system relief pressure

The pressure of the hydraulic system is not normal, possible fault:

1. The main control valve is damaged or clogged;

2. The pressure regulating valve is damaged or clogged;

3. The pipeline is blocked or leaking;

4. The oil pump is damaged;

5. The solenoid valve or the pilot valve of the control valve does not work properly.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator Swing speed

The ZX60USB-5 features a powerful, fuel-efficient and clean-running Isuzu engine that meets Tier 4 Final emission standards. The engine is electronically controlled and provides optimal horsepower through its working range, from 1,900 rpm to 2,300 rpm. An automatic engine idle function reduces noise and lowers fuel consumption during operation. The auto-idle shutdown function automatically stops the engine if idle for a preset time, saving fuel and reducing exhaust emissions.

The ZX60USB-5 features a hydraulically driven cooling fan for optimal cooling performance. The fan automatically adjusts speed and direction of rotation based on machine operating conditions. This reduces power loss, fuel consumption and noise at high speeds while improving cooling efficiency at low speeds.

Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator

This guide will prepare you to make a purchase of the Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator

This guide will help you prepare to make a purchase of the Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator. The ZX60USB-5 is a small, compact and versatile excavator that is suitable for use in urban areas. It has a number of unique features that make it especially suited for this type of work.

The Hitachi ZX60USB-5 is a very popular excavator with those who are looking to purchase one for themselves. It is one of the most widely used models in its class and has been for many years. It has many great features that make it ideal for working in tight spaces or urban areas where space is limited.

The Hitachi ZX60USB-5 Excavator is an excellent choice if you need something that can handle tough tasks while still being easy on your budget. This machine is designed with the user in mind and has a number of features that make it ideal for use around the home or business premises.

It’s also perfect if you’re looking to purchase an excavator that can be used by multiple people at once, such as when digging foundations or laying pipes underground.

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