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Advantages of Kawasaki k3vls hydraulic pump


Kawasaki K3VL-S Hydraulic Pump is a positive displacement pump which has become a leading product in the hydraulic industry. It is known for its high efficiency and low noise level. The design of this pump makes it suitable for wide range of applications and industries. Some of the key advantages of this product are:

High efficiency: The high efficiency of Kawasaki K3VL-S Hydraulic Pump is due to its efficient design and use of latest technology. This feature helps in reducing energy costs.

Low noise level: The low noise level makes it suitable for operation in indoor environments where there are restrictions on noise levels. This feature also helps in reducing headaches associated with loud noises during operation.

High reliability: The high reliability of Kawasaki K3VL-S Hydraulic Pump ensures uninterrupted operation even under extreme conditions such as high pressure, temperature, etc.

Kawasaki K3VLS hydraulic pumps are widely used in various engineering machinery, such as excavators, road rollers, bulldozers and forklifts. The biggest advantage of the K3VLS series is the high voltage.

The K3VLS series hydraulic pumps can be used in a wide range of equipment. These include excavators, road rollers, bulldozers and forklifts. This type of pump has been used for many years due to its high performance and durability. It also has a long life cycle, which makes it ideal for use in any type of industrial machinery.

The Kawasaki K3VLS series hydraulic pumps have been developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., which is based in Japan. The company offers a range of different types of hydraulic power units including piston pumps and gear pumps. They also provide customers with other types of products including machine tools, construction equipment and turbochargers.

Advantages of Kawasaki k3vls hydraulic pump
Advantages of Kawasaki k3vls hydraulic pump

Small volume, light weight and high power density are the characteristics of K3VLS series pump. The installation method is divided into several kinds, and it is also equipped with accessories to install universal standard installation at any angle.

The pump body adopts the structure of multistage vane motor, which can be used to drive various kinds of motors. The motor can be matched with single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motors, stepless speed regulation (0…10…100…1000r/min), constant torque load control output and frequency conversion function, no need for frequency converter.

The pump body is made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel materials with good corrosion resistance, high strength, good plasticity and easy processing. The impeller adopts high quality stainless steel material SUS304 or SUS316L material with excellent corrosion resistance and rust prevention performance, which has high wear resistance and long service life.

The pump housing has a high pressure water-proof structure design so that it can withstand high temperature water pressure up to 400bar. In addition, the structure has been tested by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Center for the conformity assessment of marine equipment certification standards (LRQA).

Both are designed with a quick return mechanism and can be used for double pump work mode or combined cycle work mode.

The Kawasaki K3VLS hydraulic pump is the latest innovation from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI). The K3VLS is a semi-open type pump that can be used for double pump work mode or combined cycle work mode, which leads to high efficiency and low fuel consumption. The K3VLS can also be used in applications where there is limited space, such as in underground mines.

The K3VLS has been developed based on the experience gained over many years by KHI in developing high-speed pumps that have been adopted worldwide by customers around the world. It is a highly reliable product with excellent durability and has undergone rigorous testing at all stages of its development to ensure that it meets stringent performance standards.

The K3VLS incorporates many advanced technologies including a new type of gearbox, which increases durability and reduces noise levels compared with conventional gears; an electromagnetic valve plate made from nickel alloy steel with improved heat resistance for long life; and a new type of low-wear piston ring assembly which ensures smooth and reliable operation over long periods of time

The auxiliary pump has a large flow and is an ideal choice for the requirements of large flow, but the system pressure is not very high.

The performance of the main pump is good, but it requires frequent maintenance and repair work, which leads to frequent failure. Therefore, many customers choose to replace their old main pump with auxiliary pumps.

Kawasaki K3VLS Hydraulic Pump The auxiliary pump has a large flow and is an ideal choice for the requirements of large flow, but the system pressure is not very high.

Mainly used as an auxiliary pump in hydraulic systems that require high flow rates at low pressures.

It can be used as a main pump in applications where high pressure is not required (e.g. cooling systems).

If a piston pump with a large flow is used as an auxiliary pump, it will have a great impact on the service life of the piston pump.

The reason why it has such an effect is that when the piston pump operates at high speed, the oil film between the moving parts shrinks and becomes thin, which results in metal-to-metal contact between two parts. If this happens, damage to both parts will occur and their service life will be shortened.

Advantages of Kawasaki k3vls hydraulic pump
Advantages of Kawasaki k3vls hydraulic pump

Kawasaki K3VLS Pump‘s electronic control system can adjust the output torque and speed of the engine automatically according to the changing condition of working load in order to save energy and reduce noise.

The K3VLS can be mounted on either side of the engine depending on application requirements. It has an oil pressure gauge port that indicates oil pressure at all times and an electric start option can be added if required.

The K3VLS hydraulic pump has been developed to provide high hydraulic performance combined with low fuel consumption at full load as well as having excellent thermal characteristics even under severe operating conditions.

If you want to know more informations and details of these kinds of pump, please contact us as early as possible, we will provide the best assistance.

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