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danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2: Ideal for Light Commercial Applications


The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 is a single-phase, inverter-driven, air-cooled outdoor compressor. The unit offers a compact design with a high power density. It is very quiet and energy efficient and it offers many features that are ideal for light commercial applications.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 has an integrated evaporator coil for cooling the compressor’s heat exchange fluid. This allows the unit to be installed outside without having to install additional equipment like a refrigeration system or condenser. The unit also features an internal drip tray that collects condensation from the compressor’s lubrication system so it doesn’t get in contact with your refrigerant. This makes maintenance easier because you don’t have to drain any fluids during routine maintenance.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 comes equipped with Danfoss’ iFlex Control System which allows you to monitor your unit’s performance remotely through an app on your smartphone or tablet computer. This gives you real-time access to diagnostics and alerts so you can quickly identify problems before they grow into bigger issues that cost more money down the road.

danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 Hydraulic Pump ensure reliable, high performance in a compact design.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 is an electronically controlled, axial piston pump that operates on standard 230 V 50 Hz mains supply. It is suitable for applications requiring very high flow rates and head values up to a maximum of 150 m.

The pump features a patented self-priming feature which allows it to start from any level without the need for priming or flushing. This reduces maintenance time and costs while making it easier to install in remote locations.

danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2: Ideal for Light Commercial Applications
danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2: Ideal for Light Commercial Applications

The superior, compact design of the Turolla SNP2|SKP2 sets it apart from other innovative hydraulic pumps on the market today.

The danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 is a lightweight and compact hydraulic pump that offers superior performance without sacrificing space or weight. This powerful pump can be used in a variety of applications including construction equipment, agricultural equipment, mining equipment and more.

The danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 features an advanced design that makes it extremely efficient and easy to install. It also features a long service life for increased productivity and reliability over time.

With its superior design, durability and performance, the danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 is sure to meet all of your needs whether you’re looking for a replacement part or if you need to build your own custom application from scratch!

The Danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 offers a wide range of flow rates, pressure levels and flow control functions. The pump can be controlled by an optional valve or regulator, or directly connected to an actuator without any additional components. It can also be used in closed loop systems where it supplies oil under high pressure for long distances without any additional machinery. In addition, it can be used in combination with other Danfoss products such as actuators and valves to create a fully automatic system.

In warm weather climate locations where heating is mostly needed in the winter and cooling is needed during the summer, products like pumps with variable frequency drives (VFD) are a great solution.

In cold weather climates, water is often heated to a desired temperature before it enters the building. The advantage of this system is that it can be more efficient than using a boiler that constantly runs at full capacity.

If you want to save money on your energy bill, there are other options available to you. For example, using VFDs on pumps can help you cut back on your energy use in two ways: by reducing the amount of electricity used by some appliances, and by lowering the temperature at which water enters your home or building.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 pumps are ideally suited for fan coils, unit ventilators and rooftop units (RTU) for both new construction and retrofits.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 pump is an electrically driven, submersible centrifugal pump designed for residential water supply systems. The pump can be installed in a variety of vertical or horizontal applications. It features an integrated single-speed motor design that reduces noise levels and simplifies installation.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 includes a vertical mounting bracket to simplify installation while reducing the overall number of components needed to install the pump. It also includes a pressure switch with built-in temperature sensor to indicate when service is required.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 is a high efficiency single-stage centrifugal pump with unbalanced double impellers. It is available in two sizes and a variety of shaft arrangements to match any system requirements.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2’s standard body material is cast iron with an epoxy powder coating. For corrosive applications there is also a stainless steel body option available. The pump can be factory assembled with either an open or enclosed gearbox as well as several different shaft configurations including flange mounted or threaded shaft options.

Aside from its superior fluid dynamics, the Turolla SNP2|SKP2 offers an outstanding flow range of 6-32 GPM and 16-225 head pressure with integrated VFD control.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 is an attractive solution for a wide range of applications including domestic water supply systems, commercial water supply systems, fire sprinkler systems, cooling water systems and industrial processes such as cooling towers or boiler feed.

The Turolla SNP2|SKP2 has been designed to provide superior fluid dynamics coupled with excellent performance at low speeds, making it ideal for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as water treatment plants.

danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2: Ideal for Light Commercial Applications
danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2: Ideal for Light Commercial Applications

The superior design and reliability of the danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 Pump make it ideal for applications such as fan coils, unit ventilators and rooftop units (RTU).

The danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 is a variable speed drive that is compatible with both single phase and three phase motors. The drive is easy to install and maintain, making it an ideal choice for facilities that need a reliable product.

The SNP2|SKP2 has an advanced microprocessor control system that allows you to change the speed of your fan coil without having to adjust any settings on the unit itself. This feature makes it easy for technicians to adjust the speed of their system without having to travel out to the site of their equipment.

The SNP2|SKP2 also features a number of built-in safety features that make it safe for use in any facility. These include thermal overload protection, over current protection, short circuit protection and low voltage protection.

There are many viable solutions available if you are looking to reduce your energy costs in the heating and air conditioning industry. Utilizing the danfoss Turolla SNP2|SKP2 system allows for a quick transition from oil fired boilers to electric hot water heat pumps with less downtime, lowering the risk of installing a system that might not work well with their current setup or cause unexpected issues that result in huge costs. Immediate savings start upon installation, and in the long run you will enjoy cost savings year over year thanks to the Turolla SNP2|SKP2 system’s low operation costs and reduced maintenance needs.

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