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Hitachi ZX35U Review


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Hitachi ZX35U Review – Highlights

Hitachi’s ZX35U is a versatile, compact excavator with a variety of add-ons to help it perform a wide range of tasks. Weighing in at 7,583 pounds and boasting an operating weight of 8,720 pounds, this excavator is ideal for medium duty work. The ZX35U comes standard with a 13.4 horsepower Kubota D722-E3B engine that burns diesel and can reach maximum power at 2200 RPMs.

This machine has an operating weight of 8,720 pounds and measures just six feet high. It’s only five feet long too, so you can easily maneuver it through tight spaces where larger excavators won’t fit.

The ZX35U features a maximum digging depth of 10 feet and two inches and a maximum loading height of 13 feet and four inches. The tail swing radius is also only 2 feet and seven inches, which makes this model suitable for working in confined spaces as well as on large construction sites where space may be limited. Its low ground pressure rating means this excavator won’t sink into soft ground like other heavier models might while doing the same job at hand.

Hitachi ZX35U Review – Performance

The Hitachi ZX35U features a powerful, fuel-efficient and durable Isuzu 3.2L 4JJ1X turbocharged intercooled diesel engine. The engine is electronically controlled for optimum efficiency. A two-speed travel system delivers speeds of up to 2.8 mph to help you get the job done fast and smoothly.

The hydraulic system on the ZX35U offers quick response times and smooth control. With a maximum digging depth of 8 ft. 8 in., a retracted reach of 14 ft., and a maximum dump height of 13 ft., this compact excavator digs, loads, and dumps with ease.

The Hitachi ZX35U is equipped with an ultra-comfortable cab which features an easy-to-use multifunction control lever that allows operators to easily control all boom and auxiliary hydraulics simultaneously with one hand while maintaining excellent visibility outside the cab. The cab also features Hitachi’s automatic climate control system that ensures the operator stays comfortable in both hot and cold weather conditions

Hitachi ZX35U Review – Durability

The Hitachi ZX35U is a great example of what a quality mini excavator can be. Hitachi has always been known for producing heavy equipment that lasts and the ZX35U is no different. With a three cylinder diesel engine, you can expect to get great durability out of this machine. The engine is made by Yanmar, also known for making highly productive and fuel efficient engines.

So while the engine is great, there is one thing to keep in mind: you may want to consider an engine block heater or coolant heater when operating this machine in cold weather climates. It may be difficult for the engine to start if it’s been sitting idle for several days and the temperature outside drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

A downside to the Hitachi ZX35U is that it does not have a pilot-operated control system. Instead, you will have to use hand levers which many operators find less comfortable than using a joystick. However, as long as you are operating this mini excavator in an environment without much debris (such as sticks, rocks, etc.), then you won’t have any problems with hand and arm fatigue due to the lever controls.

Hitachi ZX35U Review – Services

The Hitachi ZX35U compact excavator gives you the power needed to tackle an array of jobs, from heavy-duty landscaping to work in confined conditions. Equipped with a retractable undercarriage and a variety of popular bucket sizes, this powerhouse is a great choice for when you need more than a mini excavator but don’t require the size, weight or price of a larger machine.

The ZX35U is powered by a Yanmar 3TNV88C diesel engine with 24.8 horsepower and features hitachi hydraulic system that provides 1,800 lbs. (816 kg) of bucket breakout force at the tip. Auxiliary hydraulics are available with flow rates up to 31.5 gpm (119.5 l/min). The standard pilot-controlled joystick delivers smooth control and can be equipped with auxiliary controls for greater versatility.

The operator’s cab comes with tilt-up adjustable armrests, AM/FM radio and cup holder for day-long comfort and safety, and 11-foot digging depth lets you dig deeper than on other machines in its class.

The ZX35U comes in two configurations: conventional tail swing or zero tail swing.

Hitachi ZX35U Review – Conclusion

The Hitachi ZX35U is a jack of all trades, master of none mini-excavator. It’s not the most powerful one in its class, nor is it the biggest or even the lightest. However, what it lacks in power and size it makes up for with speed, as it’s one of the faster excavators on the market.

This makes it especially useful for tasks that require a lot of moving around and where it’s necessary to switch between different attachments often. It also makes it an excellent choice for demolition jobs, where material needs to be moved away from a site quickly before the next phase can begin.

It’s also very easy to transport and operate thanks to its retractable undercarriage and tight turning radius, which comes in handy when working in confined spaces. These features make it particularly well suited for working in urban environments or on job sites where space is at a premium.

Hitachi ZX35U

The Hitachi ZX35U is a great option for all of your excavator needs

The Hitachi ZX35U is a great option for all of your excavator needs.The Hitachi ZX35U is a great option for all of your excavator needs.The Hitachi ZX35U is a great option for all of your excavator needs.The Hitachi ZX35U is a great option for all of your excavator needs.The Hitachi ZX35U is a great option for all of your excavator needs.The Hitachi ZX35U is a great option for all of your excavator needs.

The Hitachi ZX35U-2 mini excavator is powered by an 18 hp, Yanmar 3TNV88 diesel engine and has an operating weight of 7,605 lbs as well as an arm and bucket dig force of 4,095 lbs. It has a maximum digging depth of 10′ 11″, and the boom can be offset to the side to allow digging next to obstructions like buildings or walls. The Hitachi ZX35U-2 comes with a thumb mount and can be easily outfitted with many other attachments such as breakers, augers and grapples.

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