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The komatsu mini excavator is a light duty machine designed for low horsepower and low operating weight. It is the smallest in the range of komatsu’s construction equipment and has proven to be useful in landscaping, land development, construction and shovel work operations. If you have used a mini excavator before then you will agree that it isn’t as easy to locate your business or property’s lojack device when it is installed in this construction machine.

komatsu mini excavator-What is Lojack?

“Lojack is a wireless communications system that uses radio transmitters and receivers to locate and recover stolen vehicles. The Lojack system is an automated vehicle recovery system that operates on a separate frequency band from other wireless devices. A small transmitter is covertly installed in the vehicle by a law enforcement agency. The transmitter emits a silent alarm signal over the air, which is received and decoded by police vehicles equipped with special receivers.

The Lojack system was developed in the United States, but similar systems have been developed for use worldwide. In China, for example, there are over 1 million vehicles equipped with the Lojack-like system, which is called “Baogongtong” (宝公通?, “Treasury Official’s Communication”). In India, stolen cars and motorcycles can be tracked via a device called V-Track.[2] This system was developed by IRSC Limited. If the vehicle crosses state borders into another state or the Union Territory of Chandigarh then it can be tracked by the local police with the help of IRSC Ltd.

The Lojack System has been in use since 1986, and has recovered over $3 billion in stolen property as of 2010.”

komatsu mini excavator

komatsu mini excavator-How Does it Work?

LoJack works in much the same way that GPS does. When a vehicle is stolen, the police will put out an alert with your vehicle’s VIN number. This alert is picked up by a radio receiver specifically designed to detect and pick up LoJack signals. The radio receiver must be located within a certain radius of the vehicle (usually about 10 miles), and this receiver has a homing device that can send a signal to the police directing them to the location of your car.

The receiver can also be used by law enforcement to locate other objects that have been tagged with LoJack, like construction equipment, cargo containers, farm equipment, and even boats.

komatsu mini

komatsu mini excavator-How Do I Know If My Car Has It Installed?

The best way to see if your car has LoJack installed is to contact the dealership where you purchased it and ask. They can check their records to see if it was installed when the car was originally purchased.

If you did not purchase the vehicle new, and you are still interested in finding out whether the car has LoJack installed, there are a few steps you can take to try to find out:

-Call a locksmith or call the police. A local locksmith or law enforcement agency may be able to tell you whether your car has a LoJack installed. They will need your vehicle identification number (VIN) in order to check this.

-Look for a small black box under your dashboard, usually on the driver’s side. If you find one, that means that your car has a LoJack installed.

komatsu mini excavator-Where is Lojack Located on Cars?

Security Lojack for Cars is a system that uses radio frequency technology to track stolen cars so they can be recovered and returned to their owners. The device itself has been around since the mid-80s and has helped recover more than 300,000 vehicles in its lifetime. It’s a passive tracking system, which means it doesn’t emit a signal unless it’s activated by official Lojack security personnel.

The Lojack device is typically installed in the dashboard of the vehicle, because it’s out of the way, but still within line of sight of the roof-mounted antenna. If the vehicle has an alarm system, the Lojack device must be connected to it so that if the alarm is triggered, it will automatically send out a signal to alert authorities.

If you haven’t had your car stolen before, you might be wondering where Lojack is located on cars? Well, that depends on which model you have and whether or not there are any pre-existing features on your vehicle which need to be taken into account before installing one of these systems.

komatsu mini excavator-How Long Does it Take to Find a Car with Lojack?

How long will it take to find your car once it’s been stolen? If you have LoJack, the answer is usually very fast. In fact, the average recovery time for a vehicle with LoJack is just over 26 minutes. That’s about 90% faster than a vehicle with no anti-theft device.

Of course, recovery times vary based on several factors — especially where you live and how your local police department uses the LoJack system. But in general, here are some rough numbers:

If your car is equipped with LoJack, there’s a good chance that it’ll be recovered within an hour of being reported stolen.

In most places, the police contact LoJack when they’re looking for a stolen vehicle. That means that as soon as they get your report, they can start searching for your car using their onboard tracking system.

komatsu mini excavator-LoJack is a way to track your car even if it has been stolen.

The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is a stolen vehicle recovery system that uses radio frequency technology. The system consists of three components: a small transceiver that is installed in the vehicle, a compatible police receiver, and the LoJack computer that directs the police to the vehicle.

LoJack is a way to track your car even if it has been stolen. The benefit of LoJack over other tracking systems is that it only works for law enforcement officials. If your car is stolen and you activate your LoJack tracker, only local police cars can pick up the signal. This protects your privacy and ensures the safety of your car. It is also helpful for those who are concerned about liability issues at work or home because LoJack can be disabled remotely.

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