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volvo ecr58 how to get to battery?

volvo ecr58

The volvo ecr58 is an historical volvo model. the Volvo ECR58 continued the lineage begun with the Volvo Iron Works in 1915, of building trucks with fully enclosed cabs. It was the first Volvo for which Volvo produced the engine itself, though in practice it used a variety of engines from a number of manufacturers.

1. Loosen and remove the ground cable from the negative post of the battery

Loosen and remove the volvo ecr58 ground cable from the negative post of the battery. Locate the bolts that secure the battery to its tray, usually found on either side of the battery. Remove these bolts with a socket wrench.

Place a wheel chock against one of the front tires to prevent your car from rolling while you’re underneath it. Lie on your back near the driver’s side rear wheel, and look up beside the wheel well. Locate the two bolts that secure each end of the fuel tank strap to the underside of the frame, using a socket wrench.

Move forward and lie on your back in front of each rear wheel, and look for each bolt securing the front ends of each fuel tank strap to the underside of each rear frame rail, then remove them with a socket wrench. Each strap will be loose at both ends now, but it will not fall from its position holding up your fuel tank.

Remove any exhaust pipe that hangs below your Volvo’s fuel tank, using an open-end wrench to loosen and remove any slip clamps that hold it in place first. Other than this, you don’t have to worry about removing any other exhaust pipe sections above or behind your gas tank.

2. Loosen and remove the volvo ecr58 positive terminal.

The volvo ecr58 positive battery cable is directly connected to the positive terminal, so it will come off at the same time. If you need to remove the positive cable from the battery, use a 10mm wrench to do so. The negative terminal has a small eyelet that attaches to a bolt on the engine block. You will need to loosen this bolt with an 8mm socket in order to remove it. Use a lot of force to break it free, as it’s probably rusted shut. Once loose, you can simply pull the negative battery cable away from the engine block.

The last step is to remove the battery clamp from the base of the battery tray. This clamp is held in place by two small bolts that can be removed with either an 8mm or 10mm socket. With all connections removed, you should be able to wiggle the battery up and out of its tray.

3. Remove battery hold-down bracket using a wrench.

The first step to removing your battery is to grab a wrench and make sure the terminals on either side of the battery are disconnected.

The next step is to remove the bracket. First, use a wrench or pliers to loosen the screws from the bracket. You will still see some wires attached to the terminals of the battery. Once you’ve loosened the screws, you can pull off the bracket from your battery.

Now that you’ve removed your brackets, you can easily access and remove your battery.

4. Lift battery out of mounting tray.

Rotate the bike so that it is upside down, with the handlebars and seat resting on a soft piece of cloth or foam to prevent any cosmetic damage.

Remove the two bolts that secure the front brake caliper to the fork using a T25 Torx wrench or 4mm allen key. Pull the caliper away from the disc and rest it gently on the fork, taking care to not pull or kink the brake line. Remove the disc rotor from the hub.

Gently undo and remove each of the three bolts securing the bottom bracket assembly to both sides of the frame using a 5mm allen key. Remove this assembly from one side of bike, leaving it attached to chainring, crank arm and other side of frame.


  • The battery is located in the volvo ecr58 engine compartment at the front of the machine. Remove the battery cover. Loosen the battery hold down bolt and remove the battery hold down clamp. Disconnect the negative battery cable first and then disconnect the positive cable.
  • If you’re replacing your battery, take it to a recycling center or auto parts store that accepts batteries for recycling. Don’t dispose of old batteries in a landfill! They contain lead, which can contaminate water supplies if buried over time.

This Volvo ECR58 and all other Volvo excavators using the ECR4x4 system have a maintenance-free sealed battery which needs no attention, but it is still good to know how your battery works. Open the bonnet and lift out the engine cowling. Disconnect the negative battery cable first and then the positive cable.

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