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cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator: What is Better?


The difference between cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator is not so gray. But before purchasing a new excavator, there are some important things you need to consider. So let’s see what they are!

cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator |Dipper

The Cat 308 excavator is designed to excel in medium duty applications. This machine has a conventional tail swing design that provides greater versatility and an unobstructed view of the jobsite. The cab is ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort, safety, and productivity. This standard tail swing machine has performance, reliability and durability built into every hydraulic excavator component. With a focus on performance and practicality, this excavator delivers power and efficiency to help you complete your work on time and within budget.

The Bobcat E85’s spacious operator station has been designed with the operator in mind with excellent visibility, high comfort levels and intuitive control layout. The spacious cabin features excellent all-round visibility, making it ideal for working in confined spaces while keeping the operator comfortable during long working days. It is equipped with Electronic Pilot Controls (EPC), which provide improved control response and increased productivity. The EPC system helps reduce fatigue by allowing more precise digging movements from the joystick controls, resulting in less wasted effort by the operator and reduced fatigue after a long day’s work.

cat 308bobcat e85
Dipper Length – Minimumft/in5 ft 11 in5 ft 7 in
Dipper Length – Maximumft/in7ft 8 in7 ft

cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator|Driveline

The Cat 308E CR uses a hydraulically driven cooling fan to help reduce noise and fuel consumption. The Bobcat E85 has an electric fan.

Because the cooling fan in the Cat 308E CR is only driven when needed, it uses less fuel than the electric fan that is always on in the Bobcat E85. This makes the Cat 308E CR’s diesel engine more efficient and cost-effective than the Bobcat E85’s diesel engine.

With its hydraulically driven cooling fan, the Cat 308E CR creates less noise than the Bobcat E85. This makes the operation of this machine quieter and safer for its operator and nearby workers.

cat 308bobcat e85
Emission RatingTier 4Tier 4
Engine Manufacturercatbobcat
Number Of Cylinders44
Displacement Inches³203113
Engine Output – Net hp70.355
Track Shoe Width inches17.723.6

cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator|Dimensions

The excavator model Bobcat E85 weighs approximately 9,700 pounds and has a standard bucket size of 0.7 cubic yards. The Bobcat E85 can be equipped with tires measuring 24 or 26 inches in width. The hydraulic system has a capacity of 27 gallons per minute and is equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic pump for attachments. The boom length is 12 feet 4 inches with a 10-foot arm length and 5-foot 8-inch swing arc. Its maximum digging reach is 18 feet 6 inches.

The excavator model Cat 308E CR weighs approximately 9,900 pounds and features a standard bucket size of 0.67 cubic yards. This excavator has a maximum digging reach of 18 feet 6 inches, boom length of 10 feet 3 inches and arm length of 5 feet 10 inches with a swing arc of 180 degrees. The hydraulic system has a capacity of 30 gallons per minute with two flow options to operate attachments simultaneously or independently at the same time.

cat 308bobcat e85
Transport Height – Maximum ft/in8 ft 3 in8 ft 6 in
Transport Height – Over Boom ft/in8 ft 1 in8 ft 9 in
Overall Undercarriage Length ft/in9 ft 5 in9 ft 3 in
Zero Tailswingshortyes
Dozer Bladestandardstandard
Width over fixed tracks7 ft 6 in8 ft
Track Gauge ft/in6 ft 1 in6 ft 1 in
Dig depth-2.24m/8ft flat bottom ft/in14 ft 2 in
Front Slew Radius – Mono Boom ft/in10 ft6 ft 11 in

cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator|Capacities

Bucket size – Bucket size is a huge factor when choosing an excavator for your job. If you have to move massive amounts of earth in a short period of time, it’s better to choose a larger bucket size. However, if you are performing delicate work such as grabbing objects without damaging them or digging along foundations, it’s better to choose a smaller bucket size.

Machine weight – Weight is another factor to consider when renting an excavator. The heavier the machine, the more force it can exert on an object. This can be beneficial if you need to break up rock or concrete but can be a hindrance if you need to perform delicate work. You will also want to consider how much space you have available at your jobsite and whether you need additional equipment like cranes or forklifts to move the machine into place. Another thing to consider is whether or not there is any weight restrictions on bridges or roads in your area that may limit.

cat 308bobcat e85
Fuel Tank gallons (US)3931.7
Hydraulic Tank gallons (US)149.5

cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator | Performance

The Cat 308 and Bobcat E85 are both 8 metric ton (8.8 ton) mid-sized excavators. Both machines are built specifically for the rental market with a focus on maximizing productivity, versatility and ease of operation. So how do they perform against one another?

We put both machines through their paces in a series of tests to highlight their differences in performance. Each of these tests was conducted on the same day, with similar ground conditions, bucket sizes and operator experience in order to eliminate as many variables as possible. Key metrics were recorded for each test and compared for analysis.

Although we only tested two machines here there are many differences between brands and models that can greatly affect how they perform on the job site. For example:

Different hydraulics systems at work

Different operators (experience level, training)

Different sized buckets (width & capacity)

Differences in ground conditions (elevation & soil quality)

cat 308bobcat e85
Ground Bearing Pressure PSI63.81
Swing Speed rpm10.611.5
Tractive Force lbf 1517517300
Dipper Tearout lbf 95097900
Bucket Breakout lbf1394616456
Lift – Quoted With Bucket?noyes
Total Flow gallons (US) / min4435

cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator | Weights

Can someone please tell me the difference in weight between these two machines. I am trying to determine if a Bobcat E85 (80,000 lbs) can be transported legally with a tandem axle truck on the interstate. I have read that you need to be licensed for over 70,000 lbs which would mean triple axles. I have also heard that tandem axles are fine as long as the truck is under 80,000 lbs and the trailer is under 26,000 lbs.

cat 308bobcat e85
Operating Weight2067817100

You Choose cat 308 vs bobcat e85 Excavator

The Bobcat E85 is a conventional tail swing model that has the ability to work in close quarters. The overall weight of the machine is just under 57,000 pounds. The Bobcat E85 is powered by a Kubota V3800 turbo diesel engine that produces 105 horsepower at 2200 RPM. This engine features four valves per cylinder, common rail fuel injection and cooled exhaust gas recirculation.

The Cat 308E2 CR SB excavator is also a conventional tail swing model with a weight under 50,000 pounds. The Cat 308E2 CR SB is powered by a Cat C4.4 ACERT engine that provides 100 horsepower at 2000 RPM. This engine utilizes an electronic control module and common rail fuel injection with cooled exhaust gas recirculation and variable geometry turbocharger.

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