Excavator Comparison

Comparison Between CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators


This is a comparison of the Caterpillar 304 vs 305. It is based on the power output of each machine. CAT machines are popular among professional contractors because they’re known for having engines producing a lot of horsepower.

CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators |Dipper

The Caterpillar 304C excavator shares many features with the Cat 305C excavator. For example, both models use a hydraulic system that gives the operator excellent responsiveness, precision and control while also providing maximum power to the bucket or other attachment. Both have an operating weight of approximately 9,000 pounds and are designed to be easy to transport from site to site. These two models differ in several important ways, however.

The Cat 304C uses a diesel engine with turbochargers (or “turbo”) that forces air into the engine combustion chamber at high pressure for more efficient operation. This allows for higher compression ratios and increases performance without increasing fuel consumption significantly. The Cat 305C uses a similar engine but does not include turbo chargers.

CAT 304CAT 305
Dipper Length – Minimumft/in4 ft 4 in4 ft 4 in
Dipper Length – Maximumft/in5 ft 4 in5 ft 7 in

CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators|Driveline

The CAT 304 and 305 excavators from Cummins Engine are the largest, most powerful engines of the CAT line. They are used for heavy-duty construction equipment, including bulldozers and backhoes. The difference between these two engines is in their cylinder size. In addition to having a larger engine block, the 305 has a better fuel delivery system and more power than the 304.

Both engines have four cylinders with a capacity of 3.5 liters each. This gives it a total displacement of 14 liters. The 305 also has an additional 0.5 liter cylinder, making it 7 liters long. The longer stroke makes it easier to turn the engine over. It also allows more torque to be produced by the engine without having to use as much power as the 304 does

The 305 has an electronic fuel injection system that delivers fuel very quickly and efficiently to the combustion chamber. This results in an increase in horsepower as well as torque production when compared to the 304’s mechanical injection system

The CAT 305 also has a turbocharger that increases its overall efficiency by using exhaust gases to drive air through it before they are vented out through its muffler.


CAT 304Cat 305
Emission RatingTier 4Tier 4
Engine ManufacturerCATCat
Number Of Cylinders44
Displacement Inches³146146
Engine Output – Net hp40.240.2
Track Shoe Width inches1416

CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators|Dimensions

Caterpillar has been making mini-excavators for a long time. The Caterpillar 304 and Caterpillar 305 models are two of its more popular compact excavators. The 304 is the smaller of the two machines, with an operating weight of just over 9,000 pounds. The 305 boasts a weight of just under 10,000 pounds. Both excavators have the same engine, so they both carry the same horsepower rating of 39.2 at 2,200 RPMs.

The best way to tell the difference between these two machines is by looking at their dimensions. The 304 has an overall height of 8 feet and 4 inches with the canopy in place, while the 305 comes in at 8 feet and 7 inches tall with its canopy in place.

The 304’s width comes in at 6 feet and 5 inches with outriggers extended to their maximum positions, while the 305 measures 6 feet and 8 inches wide when its outriggers are extended as far as they can go.

CAT 304Cat 303
Transport Height – Maximum ft/in8 ft 2 in8 ft 4 in
Transport Height – Over Boom ft/in4 ft 10 in5 ft 9 in
Overall Undercarriage Length ft/in7 ft 3 in8 ft 6 in
Zero Tailswingyesyes
Dozer Bladestandardstandard
Width over fixed tracks6 ft 5 in6 ft 6 in
Track Gauge ft/in5 ft 3 in5 ft 2 in
Dig depth-2.24m/8ft flat bottom ft/in
Front Slew Radius – Mono Boom ft/in6 ft 11 in7 ft 9 in

CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators|Capacities

There are some differences between CAT 304 and 305 excavators. There is a significant difference in operating weights between the two models. The CAT 304 weighs 20,400 lbs, while the CAT 305 weighs 24,300 lbs. The operating weight is an important factor as it determines fuel efficiency. The heavier a machine is, the more fuel it uses because there is more weight to move around. Therefore, if you want to buy a fuel-efficient machine, then you should go for the lighter version which is the CAT 304

The maximum reach at ground level of both models is also different. The CAT 304 has a maximum reach of 23 feet 10 inches while the CAT 305 has a maximum reach of 22 feet 1 inch. This means that the former can dig deeper than the latter by approximately one foot

When compared side by side with other excavators in this range, these two machines have an average operating weight and digging depth. This shows that they are neither.

CAT 304Cat 305
Fuel Tank gallons (US)12.216.6
Hydraulic Tank gallons (US)11.218

CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators | Performance

The CAT 304 and 305 excavators are the smallest models in the 300 series. These are built with a wide array of features and attachments to suit the needs of a variety of applications. The 304 and 305 are compact in size, but they are capable of tackling jobs that typically require larger machines.

Caterpillar designed these compact excavators to be fully customizable. Overall, they have versatile designs and they can accommodate quick coupler attachments to make them even more flexible.

The 304 has an operating weight of 10,498 lbs. This mini excavator is equipped with a height-sensing hydraulic system that works at optimal levels throughout the entire range of motion. It also has a digital maintenance counter that tracks the hours on major components so you can be sure you’re scheduling services appropriately for each machine.

CAT 304 CAT 305
Ground Bearing Pressure PSI4.34.4
Swing Speed rpm1010
Tractive Force lbf 696910161
Dipper Tearout lbf 48565550
Bucket Breakout lbf849810050
Lift – Quoted With Bucket?NOno
Total Flow gallons (US) / min26.439.6

CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators|Weights

Excavators are massive pieces of machinery. They’re some of the largest machines on any construction site and they can weigh a considerable amount. The CAT 304 and 305 Excavators are no exception to this. These machines are designed to be as efficient as possible and to help you get the job done with ease. However, they’re not lightweight machines and that’s why it’s important to know the weights of them so that you can make sure you can use them as you need to.

CAT 304CAT 305
Operating Weight893011334

You Choose CAT 304 VS 305 Excavators excavator

CAT 304 vs 305 excavators are the two of the most successful and popular machines on the market.

They are medium-sized excavators that have been in production for over a decade, and have built a reputation for reliability and durability.

But, if you’re looking for a second-hand machine and you want to know whether to get a CAT 304 or a CAT 305, which one is better? The answer is that it depends. Both machines are very similar in some ways, but there are differences between them that might make one more suitable than the other depending on your situation. So let’s take a look at each machine and go through all the differences between them.

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