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Top 10 Excavators to Buy in 2022


This article is a list of the top 10 excavators to buy in 2022. Take a look at these machines, and if you find one that meets your business’ needs, reach out to the company who makes it and let them know why they should pay attention to you!

Volvo EC220E Excavators

Volvo EC220E excavators are the latest addition to Volvo’s 8-ton class, offering a bigger and more powerful machine that’s designed to deliver up to 25 percent more productivity than its predecessor.

The new models feature a number of design updates, including a range of new work modes to provide improved fuel efficiency, plus a redesigned cab with noise reduction, improved visibility, and reduced vibration levels.

The EC220E is powered by Volvo’s D6E Tier 4 Final engine that delivers 160 horsepower (HP), while the EC220EL offers a maximum dig depth of 33 feet, 7 inches and an operating weight of 53,370 pounds.

Volvo EC220E Excavators

Komatsu PC210-10M0 Excavators

The newly designed Komatsu PC210-10M0 excavator, with an operating weight of 22,600 kg (49,826 lb), is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine rated at 130 kW (174 HP). The engine meets Tier 4 Final emission regulations and is equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after treatment system. The new hydraulic excavator is 11% more fuel efficient than its predecessor. This can save up to $1,100 per month over the previous model.

Equipped with the latest technology, the new Komatsu excavator boasts an improved cab design for maximum operator comfort. An easy-to-read 7″ LCD monitor provides information on machine performance and condition. A new multifunction joystick reduces operator fatigue, and an optional color monitor allows for payload management ready for SECM operation.

Caterpillar 312E L Excavators

Caterpillar 312E L Excavators offer improved performance, a new cab and enhanced features.

The 312E L is equipped with a Cat C4.4 ACERT engine with 121 net horsepower (90 kW) of power. The 312E L’s maximum operating weight has been increased to 36,030 pounds (16,360 kg) while maintaining the same digging depth as the previous model, says Caterpillar.

The 312E L’s cab has been redesigned to increase operator comfort. The machine has a redesigned right-hand console and an adjustable seat with two lumbar support positions. The updated cab also can be equipped with Cat Production Measurement for accurate material measurement in truck loading applications or A Cylinder Control for precise bucket control during fine grading.

Kobelco SK210DLC-10 Excavators

The SK210DLC-10 takes it to new heights with its enhanced functionality, fuel efficiency and operator comfort.

With a cab that’s now 5-percent larger, the SK210DLC-10 has improved visibility, along with a more comfortable and quieter ride, thanks to thicker cushioning in the operator platform and an upgraded air conditioner. The machine also features an updated engine hood design that clearly shows the emission control device, as well as a redesigned fuel tank cap.

The SK210DLC-10 excavator is equipped with Kobelco’s state-of-the-art intelligent Total Control System (iTAC), which makes it easy to switch between operating modes while allowing operators to optimize efficiency at all times.

Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-9A Excavators

The Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-9A Excavators is a medium sized excavator with a robust and reliable construction. It’s suited for digging and handling various tasks in mining, demolition, roadworks, and landscaping. This excavator is equipped with a Tier 4 Final diesel engine that delivers improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and increased reliability.

This excavator is equipped with an operator friendly cabin. The roomy interior provides the operator with plenty of room to work comfortably. The adjustable seat and hydraulic controls are designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase working hours. The cab features a large glass area that provides excellent visibility. This machine also features a spacious engine enclosure that provides convenient access to the components for regular maintenance and service checks.

Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-9A Excavators

John Deere 160G LC Excavators

John Deere has added a new model to its G-Series excavators, the 60G LC. The new model comes with an operating weight of 22,000 kg (48,502 lb) and a maximum dig depth of 7.24 m (23 ft 9 in.). It also comes with a Tier 4 Final engine.

The new model is based on customer feedback, according to John Deere. The company says that contractors have been looking for a large excavator with more reach and lift capacity but smaller in size than current models.

The new 160G LC is designed to be a versatile machine for general contractors, landscapers and independent rental companies. It is equipped with the same advanced hydraulic system found on other G-Series machines. The system is designed to increase productivity by 10 percent compared to similar machines in its class, according to John Deere.

The 60G LC is powered by a John Deere PowerTech PSS 6090 engine that uses selective catalytic reduction technology to reduce emissions while reducing fuel consumption by up to 5 percent compared to the previous model, according to John Deere. A variable speed fan reduces noise and lowers fuel consumption when the engine isn’t working hard.

John Deere 160G LC Excavators

Hitachi ZX210-6K Excavators

The Hitachi ZX210-6K Excavators is a medium-sized excavator with a 21-ton capacity. This machine has an operating weight of 47,090 lbs and a bucket capacity of 6.3 cubic feet.

Hitachi has outfitted these machines with a powerful engine that delivers the hydraulic horsepower necessary for demanding jobs in construction applications.

The ZX210-6K Excavators feature an EPA Tier 4 interim compliant engine that delivers a net horsepower rating of 164 horsepower at 1,800 rpm.

JCB 220X LC Excavators

JCB 220X LC Excavators for Sale. Find New Or Used JCB 220X LC Equipment for Sale from across the nation on EquipmentTrader We offer the best selection of JCB 220X LC Equipment to choose from.

The JCB 220X excavator is engineered with exceptional strength, productivity, efficiency, comfort, safety and ease of maintenance. The product is both innovative and durable. A powerful four-cylinder engine with increased torque rise delivers more power at lower RPMs, resulting in improved performance and fuel efficiency. The machine also features a hydraulically retractable undercarriage that can be stowed in less than two minutes without the use of tools — making it perfect for road travel and jobsite mobility.

The cab is spacious and quiet, with ergonomically positioned controls that help maximize productivity and minimize fatigue. The optional Deluxe Cab Package features a cushioned seat with lumbar support, ride control system for smoother operation on rough terrain, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo radio and more.

New Holland E215B SR Excavators

The New Holland E215B SR is a heavy-duty, 1.6 cubic yard (1.2 m3) capacity, 21 metric ton machine built to handle the toughest applications. Powerful and fuel-efficient, this excavator has been designed with the operator in mind, offering both power and comfort

With fuel efficiency being a top priority for most contractors, this machine is the perfect balance between power and economy. The 121 HP engine uses common rail fuel injection to maximize power and efficiency, while reducing exhaust emissions.

The E215B SR offers responsive hydraulic movement for smooth operation and fast cycle times. Its pump flow has been optimized to provide high performance at lower engine speeds, resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced noise levels.

Optimized hydraulics are complemented by a powerful and efficient cooling system that keeps the excavator operating at peak performance even in the most extreme conditions. Hydraulic hoses are routed to protect them from damage and reduce maintenance costs. Combined with easy access service points, this makes routine maintenance quick and easy

Doosan DX235LCR-5 Excavators

The DX235LCR-5 is a 22.9-t (25.3-USt) crawler excavator with a heavy-duty boom and arm, high breakout forces, and fast cycle times. It is powered by a 130-hp (97-kW) Doosan DL06 six-cylinder diesel engine that meets Tier 4 final standards without requiring a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The engine uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to reduce emissions.

The machine’s operating weight is 53,373 lb (24,201 kg). Its undercarriage is 9 ft 2 in. long and 7 ft 1 in. wide. The excavator has a standard dozer blade that measures 8 ft 4 in. wide, 11 ft 4 in in length, and 20 in. thick. It offers dig depths of 16 ft 5 in., dig reaches of 25 ft 10 in., dig heights of 24 ft 1 in., and dump heights of 21 ft 5 in.

A new system for the DX235LCR-5 allows the operator to turn off the boom kickout function when needed for precision work or to choose between three levels of boom kickout sensitivity as ground conditions.

Excavators are often used to dig trenches, transfer dirt, debris and other materials that can be moved by large equipment. Additional features may include pneumatic winch or rope attachments and main-line cable reeving to control motions of a bucket or dipper. Excavators with adjustable buckets—which dig deeper into the earth and are controlled by joysticks or hydraulic levers—are designed for digging below-grade basements and trenches. Mobile hydraulic excavator, which is powered through an extension cord or a hydraulic line connected to a stationary source, is an example of a self-propelled excavator machine.

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