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Komatsu 138.8 excavator how to run


A Komatsu 138.8 excavator is one of the powerful and heavy equipment in a Komatsu lineup. This kind of equipment is considered as the strongest machine which can be a demolition, earthmover or take on some jobs that normal machines cannot do, like making holes to construct deep foundations.

Komatsu 138.8 excavator-The Komatsu machine is equipped with various safety devices.

The Komatsu machine is equipped with various safety devices. The users must always be aware of them and use them in accordance with the instructions in the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

The most important safety device is the operator himself. He should be trained to operate the equipment safely, and should be trained in first aid so that he can render assistance to injured people or persons who become ill while working on or near machines.

An accident involves a serious injury to persons and/or damage to property. Accidents are caused by improper use of machines, careless maintenance practices, unsafe working conditions, etc., and can easily be prevented by observing simple rules of safety.

komatsu 138.8 excavator

Komatsu 138.8 excavator-You should operate the machine in a safe place and keep people and objects at a distance.

Never operate the machine in a dangerous place

The operator should be able to monitor the working area around the excavator, keep people and objects at a safe distance, and always keep the operation in a safe place. If you enter or leave the cab, you must use the designated ladder or handrail to ensure safety.

Make sure the body is stable when operating

Before starting work, check whether the excavator is stable enough to ensure that it can perform normal work safely. When starting working, check whether the automatic swing lock device works normally. When working on uneven ground, check whether there is sufficient stability margin.

Keep children and people away from dangerous areas

When refueling or performing maintenance work on an excavator, make sure no one else is nearby. Keep children away from machines and construction sites. Do not carry people on machines or allow them to ride on them. Keep bystanders away from loading points and dumping points. When moving the machine, do not allow anyone to follow or obstruct it. When turning corners or moving backwards, turn off all the alarms for pedestrians

Komatsu 138.8 excavator

Komatsu 138.8 excavator-Be sure to guard against any damage or injury that might be caused by the machine.

1. Before starting the engine, you should check whether the parking brake is tight, whether the working device is in good condition and whether there is any debris in the bucket.

2. Check whether the bucket pin or top nut is loose.

3. Check whether the oil and water level of engine is in good condition.

4. Check whether the air filter is clean and the air filter element is not damaged.

5. Turn on the switch power supply and start engine according to the following sequence: electric pump – machine – fan – fuel lift pump – electric blower – battery charger (electric welding). After starting, it should be operated with no load for a few minutes until normal operation, then slowly loaded until it reaches full load operation.

Komatsu 138.8 excavator-Take care not to damage the machine or any parts during transportation, installation or operation.

The operator is responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of the machine.

The operator must strictly follow the regulations of this manual during transportation, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the machine.

During transportation, installation and commissioning, you must strictly follow the instructions in this manual.

Regularly check the tightness of all fixed parts of the machine.

For safety reasons, do not allow people to stay under any part of the weight or boom of an excavator at any time.

Check for leaks from each hose every day before starting work. If there is a leak anywhere, clean up immediately and repair it with a tape or plug before starting work.

Do not use non-specified wiring to replace broken wires on electrical equipment to avoid short circuits or fire hazards due to poor insulation or aging.

Komatsu 138.8 excavator-Always check the machine for defects before putting it into service.

No matter how careful you are, there is a chance that you will have an equipment failure. The last thing you want to do is operate a machine that’s not working properly.

It’s a good idea to check your equipment before every shift, and it starts with the basics:

Look over the machine carefully for any obvious signs of damage or wear and tear. If you don’t see any, have someone other than you take a look. It’s important to be as thorough as possible when checking your equipment.

Make sure all moving parts are working properly, including the belts and belts drives, cylinder block, hydraulic system, power unit, pump and others. Make sure there aren’t any leaks in hoses or other parts that could cause the machine to stop running. Check all electrical connections for sparks or smoke from what use to be a healthy connection. Put everything back together and see if it still runs smoothly.

Komatsu 138.8 excavator-The more information you have, the safer and more satisfying your time on the job will be.

The operator’s manual is an important part of your Komatsu piece of equipment. The purpose of this manual is to help you get the best value from your machine.

The more information you have, the safer and more satisfying your time on the job will be.

This manual should be stored in or near the engine area in a literature holder or literature storage area.

When it becomes necessary to replace a part on your machine, use Komatsu Genuine Parts. They’re built to maximize the performance of your Komatsu equipment. Using Komatsu Genuine parts will ensure long life and optimum performance for your machine.

Komatsu recommends that these manuals be read carefully and reviewed by everyone whenever involved in the operation, lubrication, maintenance or adjustment of this machine.

Komatsu 138.8 excavator-Komatsu saws are made for serious work.

Komatsu Forest is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance, heavy duty forestry machines. Komatsu Forest is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of harvesters and forwarders.

The company’s products are widely used in the forestry and construction industries. Komatsu Forest’s products include harvesters, forwarders, feller bunchers, compactors and more.

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