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How to change komatsu excavator controls


Komatsu is a leading excavator brand that has been innovating heavy machinery for more than one hundred years. They have produced the industry’s most technologically advanced and versatile machines which are used in numerous applications all over the world. However, the constant evolution of technology means that the controls on many of their machines have become outdated and are rarely used today. This article aims to shake up the machine control world by letting you know exactly how to change them yourself.

komatsu excavator controls-You can change the speed, throttle and torque control by using the console remote control (the side panel has to be removed in order to change it).

Changing the control of your Komatsu excavator is easy. You can change the speed, throttle and torque control by using the console remote control (the side panel has to be removed in order to change it).

First you need to remove the side panel. This is easily done by just lifting it off its hinges.

Next you will find a black box with a lot of levers and buttons on it. This is the console remote control, which controls all the functions of your excavator.

Now you can use the console remote control to change the speed, throttle and torque control of your excavator. To do this, just press and hold down on the lever for about five seconds until it starts blinking red. Release it and then press and hold down again until it stops blinking red.

The next step is to turn your excavator on and let it run for a couple minutes before turning it off again. You will notice that now when you turn your excavator on, there will be no more lag time between when you press the button to start it up and when it actually starts running!

komatsu excavator controls

komatsu excavator controls-You may need a whole-site survey if you want to remove the controls.

Komatsu excavators are one of the most common brands in operation across Australia. Their versatility and reliability is unmatched by any other manufacturer, but their operating systems can sometimes be confusing for new operators.

Komatsu excavators have controls that are designed to mimic the controls of a skid steer or backhoe, both of which are far more common and far more familiar to most equipment operators. This can make it easy to learn how to use a Komatsu excavator if you already know how to operate these other types of equipment, but things can get tricky if you want to change the control configuration.

Changing the controls on your Komatsu excavator should never be done without consulting a professional technician first. There may be wiring issues you won’t be able to address on your own, and there are often safety concerns as well. You may need a whole-site survey if you want to remove the controls.

komatsu excavator controls

komatsu excavator controls-The controls will be mounted on a plate that needs to be removed.

komatsu excavator controls

The controls will be mounted on a plate that needs to be removed. The bolts that hold the plate in place are located on the bottom of the dash, or control panel. Remove the bolts and pull the plate out of the dash.

Install New Controls

Once you have removed the old control panel, you can begin installing the new one. Position the new controls in place and make sure they are properly aligned with all of their connectors. Once you have ensured everything is positioned correctly, reattach the plate to hold them in place by replacing all of the bolts you removed earlier.

Connecting Wiring Harnesses

Once your controls are installed back into their mounting plate, it is time to start making connections. Most excavators will have a main harness connected to a junction box located somewhere under the cab of the machine. If your machine does not have a junction box, then it will most likely have an electrical box located somewhere within easy reach for maintenance purposes. This box is where all of your wiring connectors will terminate.

komatsu excavator controls-You can change the speeds and other functions of your Komatsu excavator by using the console remote control

Before you buy an excavator, make sure you know what options are available for controls. The most basic function of an excavator is digging — but the standard control system will only allow the operator to choose between slow and fast speeds.

If you want to dig faster or slower than the standard settings, you’ll need a different control panel. There are several different kinds of control panels, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The remote control is one of the best features of Komatsu’s excavators. Instead of using manual levers and pedals, the operator uses a console that looks like a video game controller to change all kinds of functions on the machine. This includes adjusting speed and direction as well as stopping and starting.

komatsu excavator controls-Your Komatsu excavator controls are either on the left or right side of the machine.

Turn your key until the fuel warning light on the dashboard is lit.

Start the engine by turning the ignition switch to the “Start” position.

Press the engine start button, and verify that a green light appears on the control panel.

Turn the ignition switch back to its original position. The engine will continue to run.

Verify that all of your levers and pedals are in neutral position, then rotate your left joystick clockwise about 45 degrees. This action will turn on your hydraulic system, as indicated by several lights on your control panel.

The left joystick controls the boom, bucket and arm functions of your excavator, while the right joystick controls swing rotation and travel functions.

komatsu excavator controls-The red control knob and blue buttons can be used to move the machine in all direction except up.

Every job has a specific set of controls that make it easier to do. In the case of a machine like a Komatsu excavator, it’s the blue buttons on the left and the foot pedal on the right that allow it to move in all directions.

The red control knob doesn’t have any function associated with it. If you’re moving the machine in a certain direction, you need to go back and re-program the controls to be able to do so.

Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do. Just use a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet — preferably one that comes pre-loaded with every movement possible — and write down every step you can think of for moving the machine in every direction except up.

Make sure your list includes every step required to get around obstacles you might encounter while operating the machine (a tree stump, for example). The more steps you can take, the more control you’ll have when operating your machine, and safety will be increased as well.

komatsu excavator controls-The yellow handle is used to stop and reverse the snowplow.

The yellow handle is used to stop and reverse the snowplow. The lever activates the snowplow hydraulics and controls forward and reverse movement of the plow. Move the yellow control handle down to initiate forward motion of the snowplow. To reverse, move the yellow handle up.

To control left and right movement of the snowplow, use the red control handle on the left side of the driver’s seat. Pull it toward you to turn left; push it away from you to turn right.

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