komatsu excavator problem and solution

komatsu PC138 excavator problem and solution


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komatsu PC138 excavator’s two main pumps were replaced at the same time, causing too much oil flow, overheating and causing the engine to stall

1. First, we need to understand the principle of the main pump and its role in work. The oil is raised by the pressure in the gear pump, that is, the oil pump acts as a gear pump intake port to absorb oil from the fuel tank, and then through the gear meshing effect to increase the pressure of oil into another gear pump outlet. So how do we reduce the impact of high-pressure pump pressure on our engine?

2. We need to understand how these two pumps are connected with each other and how they affect each other. The answer is that there is a hydraulic line connecting between two pumps. Because it has pressure relief valve, so we can directly adjust this hydraulic line to adjust the system pressure.

3. Adjustment method: After you find this hydraulic pipe, find a screwdriver or socket wrench as long as possible and screw it clockwise or counterclockwise according to your needs until you reach your desired state.

komatsu PC138 excavator

The work of PC138 machine needs to be done in the machine monitoring system

1. The work of machine monitoring system must be done every day, and it’s impossible to stop for one day. If there is any problem with the operation of mobile equipment, it will cause great inconvenience to production and even affect production safety. Therefore, the staff of PC138 machine must do a good job in the machine monitoring system every day, so that there will be no problems for one day.

2. We need to know how to operate in the machine monitoring system. As long as we grasp how to operate in the machine monitoring system, we can use it properly. If you don’t know how to use it properly, you can’t use it well.

3. The work of PC138 machine should be done well at any time, because any abnormal situation may occur when using the mobile equipment at any time, such as suddenly breaking down or making a noise due to some reason. We need to deal with these abnormal situations in time and ensure the normal production of mobile equipment.

The swing speed of PC138 excavator is slow

1. The swing speed is low, and the hydraulic pump is used for a long time. The hydraulic oil is deteriorated, and the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is increased.

2. The hydraulic oil level is insufficient, and air enters into the hydraulic system.

3. The hydraulic oil filter element is clogged, resulting in high pressure drop, low flow rate and insufficient flow rate of the pump.

4. The pressure relief valve of the swing motor relieves too much pressure (the pressure relief valve needs to be adjusted according to different load conditions).

5. There are particles in the swing motor, which causes the swing motor to jam or even damage.

Troubleshooting the air conditioning system of PC138 excavator

The fuel consumption meter of PC138 excavator has not been calibrated for a long time, and there are errors in the fuel consumption data displayed by the meter

(1) Ambient temperature is too high

① The shade should be improved.

② The two-stage control thermostat should be used.

③ Use a cooling fan.

(2) Air conditioning unit failure

① Check the air conditioner for leaks, adjust the pressure gauge pointer to zero and then check the pressure gauge pointer after 30 seconds, if it does not move, there is no leak; if it moves, indicating that there is a leak; Adjust the pressure relief valve to make the pressure gauge pointer return to zero. When the valve fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time; when it is found that the refrigerant has leaked out of the compressor and other components, it must be repaired or replaced in time.

② If there is an abnormal sound when starting up and running, check whether all screws are loose;

③ If there is no refrigerant or insufficient refrigerant, inspect and repair the leakage site first. After confirming that there is no leakage, add R22 refrigerant to reach the specified pressure value according to the actual situation of use.

Trouble shooting Komatsu PC138 warning light and corresponding solution

The warning lights on a Komatsu PC138 are there as a means of communicating to the operator of the machine that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. There are four different warning lights on the PC138 ranging from an out of fuel light to an engine fault light. The last light warns of low oil pressure and is possibly the most important light due to the fact that low oil pressure can spell catastrophic failure for an engine.

The first step in trouble shooting the warning lights is to look at the control panel and make sure that it is working properly. The red warning lights are accompanied by yellow indicators, which will illuminate when something goes wrong. The first step in trouble shooting any of these warning lights is to check the indicator lights. If they do not illuminate when the corresponding red warning light comes on then you know that you have a problem with your control panel and should get it fixed immediately.

The next thing to check would be the fuel level indicator light. This light will come on if you are running out of fuel or if there is some other type of problem with your fuel tank or fuel line. You should check your fuel level and then determine if you need to add more fuel or if there is another problem with your system such as a loose connection or faulty.

If you find that your komatsu PC138 excavator is having problems you can use this information to fix it.

There are many different types of these machines on the market today and they all have some kind of problem that needs fixing at some point. The most common problem is a leak in the hydraulic line or pump. These are usually caused by a worn out seal or gasket in the pump itself. If you are not sure what kind of seal or gasket you need to replace, then there is probably one available at your local hardware store.

To replace a leaky seal, first remove the old seal from the pump and then install the new one. You can do this by hand or with an electric drill for faster results. When installing a new seal, make sure that it does not touch any other parts of the pump as this will cause them to rub together and create friction which will decrease its effectiveness over time.

If you notice that your komatsu PC138 excavator is leaking fluid from its oil pan then it may be because there was an accident where something was spilled on top of it causing liquid to seep into its insides. In order to prevent further damage to your equipment, clean up any spills immediately after they happen so.

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