komatsu excavator problem and solution

komatsu PC130 excavator problem and solution


Komatsu pc130 Excavator Problem and Solution: A blog about common problems with the Komatsu pc130 excavator along with solutions how deal with said problems.

komatsu PC130 excavator

Komatsu PC130 excavator fuel tank pressurization solution

At present, the Komatsu PC130—7 excavator has been in operation for many years. The fuel tank of the excavator is often leaked, and the bottom is always skewed. After the fuel tank was repaired, it was found that the fuel tank was not pressurized. The reason is that there are too many holes and no leaks.
The solution is as follows:
1. Install a fuel filter on the pipeline from the fuel tank to the engine and ensure that there is no air leakage in all joints;
2. Return oil pipe to ensure airtightness;
3. Use rubber to block all openings except for one vent hole at one end of the fuel tank (the vent hole should be above 2 cm);
4. Check whether there is air leakage in other pipelines on the machine;
5. Place a small plastic bottle filled with water in front of the vent hole (as shown in the figure), and install a plastic tube with an outer diameter of 8 mm on it to prevent dust from entering;
6. When starting up, make sure that there are no bubbles in the water column and check whether there are bubbles after running for 10 minutes or so after startup

Komatsu PC130 excavator hydraulic oil temperature is too high solution

Komatsu excavator hydraulic oil temperature is too high, which can be attributed to the following reasons:
1. Hydraulic oil pipe is blocked, the circulation is not smooth, the impact of heat dissipation.
2. The cooling water pipe is blocked and the cooling water cannot be circulated smoothly.
3. The fan of the radiator has a malfunction and cannot circulate or blow the cooling air effectively.
4. The cooling water pump has a malfunction and cannot circulate or blow the cooling water effectively.
5. The temperature control valve of the cooler fan does not work properly, and the temperature control function does not work well.
6. The fuel tank breather hose is clogged with dust, resulting in poor air circulation in the fuel tank and affecting heat dissipation.
7, hydraulic oil filter plugging, hydraulic oil viscosity increased, affecting heat dissipation.

Komatsu PC130 excavator brake failure analysis solution

1. The Komatsu PC130 excavator’s brake pedal is a spring brake, and when the master cylinder is energized, the piston moves to generate pressure to release the spring brake. When the master cylinder is released, the spring brake is applied by spring force.
2. Komatsu PC130 excavator’s brake oil pump (excavator working pump) and braking oil pump are independent. The oil circuit of the bridge brake does not flow through the working oil circuit and does not cause any effect on each other.
3. The working pressure of the excavator’s hydraulic system is between 18~22Mpa and cannot be adjusted. As long as there is no problem with the hydraulic system, there will be no problem in other places such as bulldozer and bucket cylinders.
4. The main reason for the failure of Komatsu PC130 excavator braking oil pump:
① O-ring aging failure;
② Reverse ball valve aging failure:
③ Brake oil filter aging or clogging failure;
④ Brake valve stuck failure;
⑤ Master cylinder failure:
⑥ Relief valve stuck or leakage Failure;
⑦ Failure of internal sealing

Komatsu PC130 excavator bucket finger broken solution

Komatsu PC130 excavator bucket finger is prone to damage, as the bucket often works in an impact environment. It can be repaired with welding or replaced with a new one. It may also be worn due to long-term use, which reduces the working efficiency of the bucket and even causes it to fail.
The following are some of the reasons for wearing Komatsu PC130 excavator bucket fingers:
1. When using a bucket, the material is not properly selected, which causes the bucket tooth to be hit by a hard object;
2. Improper maintenance during use and improper lubrication will cause wear;
3. The gap between the pin shaft and the bushing is too large, causing excessive movement and wear;
4. The pin shaft itself is poorly processed or contaminated with iron filings during assembly, which accelerates wear;
5. If the pin shaft cannot be removed after being worn, it can only be repaired by grinding or welding; if it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced with a new one;
6. Use special tools to install or remove Komatsu PC130 excavator

Komatsu PC130 excavator overspeed protection problem solution

In the process of Komatsu PC130 excavator operation, overspeed protection will be triggered because of excessive load or other reasons. The specific method for solving this problem is as follows:
1. When the engine overspeed alarm appears, first check whether the engine speed is too high or not. If the engine speed is too high, it may be that the governor setting is not correct.
2. If the engine speed is normal and the overspeed protection still occurs, it may be that the hydraulic pump has problems such as cavitation or oil shortage. At this time, check whether there is cavitation in the hydraulic pump and if there is oil shortage, check whether the fuel level gauge has reached 5/8 of the scale, and check if there are blocked oil return pipes or filters.

Komatsu PC130 excavator troubleshooting guide

The fault is the motor rotation, and the motor does not turn. Troubleshooting:
1. Check if the connection is loose.
2. Check whether the cable is damaged or disconnected.
3. Check if there is a break in the wiring harness.
4. Check whether the switch action is normal, and whether the electric limit and micro switch are damaged or displaced and adjusted;
5. Check the resistance at both ends of each wire on the upper control board and lower control board (the resistance should be in the normal range); check whether there is a poor contact on both ends of each wire (if there is poor contact, it will cause high resistance);
6. If the above inspection item has no problem, replace it with a new controller;
7, replace the controller to check whether there are other faults such as button failure, travel failure, swing failure and so on;
8, if there are other faults in addition to reversing failure after replacing with a new controller, do not remove the controller first! Need to inspect one by one according to other faults until find out which component causes other faults
9. If you encounter any problems during inspection, please contact our company’s technical service department for feedback

The Komatsu PC130 Excavator problem is come from the electric component and the faults in this component are the starting system, ignition coil, connections fusible switch and others. To detect any of the components fault you should have electric tester, starter generator or power test system, visual inspection and or a voltmeter or ammeter.

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