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Rexorth’s KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump Review


Rexorth is a major player in the hydraulic pump industry, having been around for almost a century. They offer a wide variety of pumps for all applications.

I was recently given the opportunity to test drive one of their products, the KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump (which you can buy here). This particular pump is rated at 7 horsepower, which is quite impressive.

I have been using this pump for about 6 months now and I’ve been very pleased with it’s performance. It has been powering my hydraulic lift for about 3 months now without any issues whatsoever.

The pump itself is made from high quality materials and is built like a tank. It comes with everything you need to install it right out of the box: mounting brackets, wiring harnesses and plugs, etc… I was able to install this pump myself in less than an hour with no previous experience working with hydraulic systems at all!

The Rexorth KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump is a very reliable and effective high pressure, direct acting pump in a small package.

The Rexorth KVA7VO is a very reliable and effective high pressure, direct acting pump in a small package. It is capable of producing up to 7 PSI at 100 RPM and can be used for applications such as water or air pressure. The KVA7VO has an output range of 0-5 GPM (0-17 LPM), making it ideal for use in many different industries including agriculture, construction, mining and more.

The Rexorth KVA7VO is designed to be used in applications where space is limited because of its compact design. This pump comes with all necessary mounting hardware so that it can be mounted directly on the machine that you want it powered by. It also includes four feet so that you have the option of mounting it on almost any surface including concrete floors or metal surfaces such as frames or walls.

Rexorth's KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump Review
Rexorth’s KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump Review

This Rexorth model is very quiet when running and is better with liquids around 35 to 42c viscosity.

Rexroth KVA7VO is a self-priming centrifugal pump for two-component hydraulic systems. It has power capacity up to 7 kW and flow rates up to 1,000 l/min. The pump is suitable for all types of hydraulic fluids (including glycol-based), but sump temperatures should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.

The pump is particularly suitable for mobile applications where noise levels must be kept to a minimum. That said, it can also be used in stationary applications if the noise level is not critical (e.g., mixing stations).

The Rexorth KVA7VO works best with fluids that are under 400psi.

Rexroth’s hydraulics division is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, motors and valves for industrial applications. They provide products that are used in oil & gas, mining, construction and other industrial sectors. The company has over 100 years of experience in the hydraulic industry, which enables them to develop innovative solutions for their customers.

Rexroth has over 3,000 employees around the world and operates at 14 production sites in 11 countries. Their global headquarters is located in Germany with other major sites located in India and China.

If your application exceeds 400psi, we recommend looking at a different pump model.

Rexorth’s KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump is a high-pressure hydraulic pump that has a maximum pressure rating of 400psi. It is capable of supplying up to 7 gpm at 0-100 psi and up to 5 gpm at 100-200 psi. The KVA7VO is available with an optional electric motor for those who don’t have access to an air compressor or other power source.

The Rexorth KVA7VO is perfect for any application requiring high-pressure hydraulic fluid such as off-road vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and many more applications where there is a need for constant flow of fluid under high pressure.

As far as pumps go, this one is extremely simple to set up and maintain.

It comes with a large reservoir tank that can be filled with fluid and then topped off with water. The pump can be mounted directly to the reservoir so there is no need for an additional tank.

The pump itself is quite small and lightweight, making it easy to transport if needed. It comes with a pressure gauge, so you can easily check the pressure while operating the tool or machine it is attached to. The pump operates at 3200 psi, which is great for any of your hydraulic needs.

This pump was designed specifically for small jobs around the home or garage and can handle most applications where you need a little bit more pressure than your typical garden hose will provide!

We like the KVA7VO because it has two stages for double efficiency compared to single stage pumps.

We like the KVA7VO because it has two stages for double efficiency compared to single stage pumps. It also has an aluminum gearbox, which makes it lighter and stronger than older models.

With the Rexorth KVA7VO, you can expect maximum flow at 100 PSI and up to 250 CFM of air volume at only 90 PSI. The built-in pressure regulator allows you to adjust your output pressure. The Rexorth KVA7VO also comes with a power supply system that has an overload protection feature that shuts off automatically if there is too much resistance on the output side of the pump (like if something was stuck inside).

The Rexorth KVA7VO has been tested for use in various applications including paintball guns, fire extinguishers and other industrial uses like vacuum cleaning machines and water pumps for irrigation systems in greenhouses or farms.

We do not recommend using this pump unless you are an experienced operator of this type of equipment.

The Rexorth KVA7VO is a high flow, high pressure, positive displacement gear pump. It has a 7:1 ratio and can deliver up to 80 GPM at 6,000 PSI. The Rexorth KVA7VO is available in three different versions: standard hydraulic oil, dry lubricated and stainless steel. This particular model is the dry lubricated version which uses minimal amounts of oil compared to its standard counterpart. This makes it ideal for applications where there is limited space or where water contamination is an issue.

Rexorth's KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump Review
Rexorth’s KVA7VO Hydraulic Pump Review

It is always important to read the manual before using a new pump or piece of equipment.

Rexorth’s quality hydraulic pumps and accessories offer a wide range of features and sizes. From our smallest 1/2 HP single acting pump to our largest 7HP, 14GPM double acting pump we have what you need. Each Rexorth pump is designed and manufactured at our facility in the USA making us unique in the industrial hydraulic market. Even though we are one of the largest manufacturers of pumps, we still manufacture each one as if it were being made for ourselves!

The Rexorth KVA7VO pump is a great small-scale solution if you understand the limitations and needs of your specific application.

The Rexorth KVA7VO is a compact, low-torque, high-flow hydraulic pump that can be used in a wide variety of applications. This includes everything from small robotics to industrial automation.

It operates on standard 104 l/min (30 US gpm) hydraulic fluid, which makes it easy to find replacement parts if needed. It can run on either oil or water-based fluids, although we recommend using water-based fluids for optimal performance. The KVA7VO has an operating range of -20C to +40C (-4F to 104F).

If you’re shopping for a pump and need the highest quality or reliability, then the Rexorth Hydraulic Piston Pump KVA7VO model is definitely a solid choice. It’s easy to install, comes with an outstanding ten-year guarantee, and even if you’re not a contractor and don’t have a lot of experience, it’s surprisingly simple to install yourself. If you need power, this is your pump.

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