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Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps for High Performance


Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps for High Performance is a family of high-performance piston pumps that deliver superior performance in demanding applications. The Vickers PVE Series features a compact design with low weight, which makes it perfect for use in both onshore and offshore oil & gas applications.

The Vickers PVE Series is available in four sizes ranging from 25 to 60 liters per second (l/s). These pumps are designed with a corrosion resistant stainless steel casing and an integrated seal ring gland to protect against corrosion and wear. The pressure relief valve located inside the pump allows for easy access when servicing the pump.

Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps for Industrial and Mobile Applications

The Vickers PVE Series is a versatile range of hydraulic piston pumps designed to handle a variety of hydraulic fluids, including water-glycol mixtures. The pumps are suitable for mobile applications, such as agricultural machinery and construction equipment, as well as industrial applications such as mining and quarrying, dredging and marine.

The Vickers PVE Series offers a choice of nine different sizes, ranging from 2.7 to 9.2 litres per stroke with flow rates up to 26 litres per minute (LPM). All models have a maximum operating pressure rating of 0.6 MPa (6 bar) at 100% duty cycle and are available in both single-acting and double-acting configurations.

The compact design makes these pumps suitable for mounting on equipment with limited space or in confined areas such as mining vehicles or on-board ships where space is limited.

Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps for High Performance
Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps for High Performance

In business more than 115 years, Vickers is a global leader in fluid power systems and components for industrial and mobile applications.

The Vickers PVE Series is a high performance piston pump designed for use in many industrial applications. The PVE Series offers excellent performance characteristics with an air-to-liquid ratio range from 0.3 to 0.7 SCFM/gal (0.12 to 0.22 m3/hour/liter). The pump utilizes a 6-stage axial piston design that provides precise flow control under load conditions and eliminates pulsation problems associated with rotary or centrifugal pumps. It also eliminates cavitation caused by high head pressures or low flow rates by using an integral bypass valve design which provides maximum operating efficiency at all conditions without sacrificing flow capacity or pressure capability.

PVE piston pumps are designed with a modular control block, which allows torques to be easily set by replacing shims.

PVE pumps are available in sizes from 1/4″ through 2″. The pumps have a balanced piston design for minimal vibration, and their compact size allows for installation in a variety of applications.

The Vickers PVE Series Piston Pump is designed for low-torque applications such as metering chemicals, dispensing adhesives and thin liquids. It features an integral check valve that prevents reverse flow when power is disconnected.

The modular design of the control block makes it easy to change torque settings by simply replacing shims with different thicknesses. This feature is ideal for applications where the torque needs to be adjusted frequently due to changes in viscosity or density of the material being pumped. The pump also comes with a built-in pressure relief valve that helps protect against overloading or overheating during operation.

The PVE series pumps are designed to operate in tandem with one another as well as with other Vickers products.

The PVE series is a pneumatic piston pump that uses the same technology as our standard PV series, but the PVE is designed to be used in tandem with other pumps or in applications where higher pressures are required. The PVE pump consists of two pistons operating in parallel within a single cylinder block which is split into two separate chambers by a flexible diaphragm. The first piston draws air from one chamber, compresses it and discharges into the second chamber where it passes through an orifice before being exhausted through one or more outlets.

The pistons are driven through a common crankshaft which turns at half the speed of the primary drive motor by means of a gearbox located at each end of the pump housing. Each gearbox contains two planetary gearsets that connect directly to each piston shaft via bevel gears mounted on either side of its main shaft.

The PVE series offers advantages over conventional piston pumps and other high-performance pumps.

The PVE series reduces the risk of contamination by incorporating a flexible diaphragm into each pump. This diaphragm separates the suction and discharge ports, preventing oil from entering the discharge side of the pump during operation.

The use of a single-acting design allows for higher flow rates and lower torque requirements than double-acting designs, which translates into a more compact package size and lower cost of ownership. In addition, there is no need for valve reliefs or seals which helps simplify maintenance procedures and reduce maintenance costs.

The piston pumps are offered in 12 sizes ranging from 28 cc (1.7 cu-in) to 523 cc (31.8 cu-in) in three frame sizes.

The piston pumps are offered in 12 sizes ranging from 28 cc (1.7 cu-in) to 523 cc (31.8 cu-in) in three frame sizes. The pumps are manufactured from aluminum alloy, except for the 28 cc pump that is manufactured from cast iron, which provides superior durability and corrosion resistance. The pistons have a hardened steel body with an electroless nickel plating finish. The piston rods are made of forged steel and have a hard chromium plating to resist wear and corrosion. The pistons are designed to provide long life and dependability at low cost.

The piston pumps have an external shaft seal design that allows for easy maintenance by simply removing the end cap and servicing the seal without removing the internal components of the pump. This feature makes these pumps ideal for use in harsh chemical environments where they may be exposed to chemicals or high temperatures.

Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps for High Performance
Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps for High Performance

Vickers PVE Series Pumps provides many design advanatges over traditional, fixed displacement pumps.

The high performance PVE pump is designed for applications requiring high discharge, low noise and vibration levels. The pump consists of a single stage, double acting piston pump. The piston is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with a hardened steel shaft. The double acting arrangement requires only one power source for both the suction and discharge valves. This results in a significant reduction in cost when compared to separate power supplies for each valve.

The PVE pump has been designed specifically for use in mobile equipment such as road graders, off-road loaders, tractors and trucks. It has also found its way into stationary applications such as generators and compressors where reliability and low maintenance are important factors.

Vickers apply their expertise and technology to the development of PVE Series Piston Pumps to deliver standard and custom engineered solutions to a wide range of industries. When combined with the skilled design and application engineering capabilities, you can rely on Vickers PVE Series Piston Pumps to meet your needs.

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