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top 10 bucket excavator review of 2022 : buying guide


In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the best top 10 bucket excavator review of 2022. We’ve taken into account price, customer reviews and the features they offer when creating our list.

Kubota U55-4 bucket excavator

It’s important to find the right equipment for your business. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to move up from a small excavator to a medium-sized one than it is to buy a new larger one. A good excavator will last for years and make your digging easier.

The Kubota U55-4 bucket excavator is the perfect choice for smaller operations, with its 725 HP and 6,000 lb(3379 kg) of digging power. It has a powerful engine, which allows you to dig through up to 3″ of ground in just three inches of time. The 2-speed hydrostatic transmission gives you the freedom to tackle any job in any circumstance, while the bucket with 4 interchangeable bucket sizes gives you flexibility when operating your Kubota U55-4 excavator.

Kubota U55-4 bucket excavator

Kubota U35-4 bucket excavator

The Kubota U35-4 is the smallest excavator in Kubota’s mini-excavator range. It is an ideal solution for a variety of jobs including digging trenches, foundations, backfilling, and landscaping.

It has a powerful Kubota engine, with high fuel efficiency and low noise and vibration levels.

The compact design means it’s easy to transport and store, without sacrificing operational performance.

The machine is fitted with standard features like an eco-gauge, travel alarm and auto idle for added safety.

Yanmar ViO55-6A bucket excavator

With the ViO55-6A, YANMAR has created a versatile mini excavator that is perfect for working in tight spaces. The bucket excavator features an extremely compact design and is easy to use. The machine is ideally suited for house building, interior work, and urban construction.

The bucket excavator is powered by the Yanmar 4TNV88C engine which generates a power output of 27.7 kW. It complies with EPA Tier 4 emissions standards and also meets the EU Stage IV emissions standard. It also has a high fuel efficiency rating of up to 20 percent better than previous models. The engine features a large displacement and turbocharger along with an intercooler to deliver its impressive performance.

The new mini excavator comes with an electronically controlled valve that regulates the flow of fuel to the engine depending on the load level. This allows it to minimize fuel consumption without sacrificing power or reliability. The machine delivers excellent digging performance thanks to its powerful hydraulic system and high-quality hydraulics components such as two variable displacement piston pumps, two gear pumps, two solenoid valves, one pressure reducing valve, and four pilot valves.

Yanmar’s advanced hydraulic system ensures strong digging power even at low speeds while ensuring optimal control under all conditions

Yanmar ViO55-6A bucket excavator

Volvo ECR50D bucket excavator

The Volvo ECR50D, with its compact radius, is an ideal choice for work in limited-space environments such as roadsides and next to buildings. Its short tail swing helps keep the operator and machine protected from impact with obstacles. The short radius also makes it easy to operate in a confined space, enabling quick cycles and highly productive work. The ECR50D features a robust boom and stick design on a powerful base machine, ensuring high reliability, excellent stability and unsurpassed performance in tough applications.

Caterpillar 302.5D CR bucket excavator

The price of this Caterpillar 302.5D CR is – and it was produced in 2017. This machine is located in – Netherlands. On Mascus UK you can find Caterpillar 302.5D CR and much more other models of mini excavators 7t (Mini diggers). Details – Hours of use: , Gross Weight: 3,400 kg, Engine output: , Additional Information: Bucket

CAT 302.5D CR

Year 2017

Weight 3400 Kg

Bucket 0,4 m3

Hours 32

Pipe for hammer

Ride control

Quick coupler Lehnhoff MS11

Hitachi ZX130LCN-5B bucket excavator

The new Hitachi ZX130LCN-5B short-radius excavator is the smallest of the company’s B-Series range of machines. It has a 13 tonne operating weight and a maximum digging depth of 5,900mm.

The machine features an improved cab design, with more glass area and a lower noise level. The layout is said to offer improved visibility, including an unobstructed view at ground level. Standard features include air conditioning, a seat belt warning buzzer and automatic safety lock on travel levers, together with boom and arm lockout switches.

The ZX130LCN-5B is powered by the latest version of Hitachi’s 4HK1 diesel engine, which complies with EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 interim emission regulations. It uses an electronically controlled wastegate turbocharger, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), combined diesel particulate filter (CDPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

The hydraulic system has been redesigned with larger pipes and reduced friction between moving parts to improve efficiency. This helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 12% compared to the previous model.

Link-Belt 80 X3 Spin Ace bucket excavator

Link-Belt Construction Equipment introduced the new 80 X3 Spin Ace bucket excavator, an 80,000-lb. (36,287 kg) class machine that offers enhanced power, performance and operator comfort. The new model is powered by a Tier 4 Final/Stage IV certified Cummins QSB6.7 engine that produces 247 hp (184 kW). The electronically controlled engine has two fuel injection pumps and four injectors for greater control of the combustion process and more efficient fuel economy. The engine also features a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for reduced particulate matter emissions with no regeneration required.

The 80 X3 Spin Ace is equipped with Link-Belt’s exclusive Spin Ace technology, which provides full rotation of the upper structure without the need for a swing bearing to guide its movement. This allows for faster cycle times with less downtime when compared to traditional excavators that use a swing bearing.

John Deere 26G Compact Excavator bucket excavator

The John Deere 26G Compact Excavator is a popular choice for sub-compact and compact excavators. The 26G has a brand new canopy with better headroom, increased visibility and improved safety features. The wide entry door allows for easy access to the cab, and the side door can be adjusted in three different positions to make it easier to get in and out of the machine.

The 26G also comes equipped with the new Command ARM joystick controls for superior operator comfort. It has an auto idle feature that reduces fuel consumption by automatically reducing engine speed when no hydraulic functions are being used. Time spent on maintenance is reduced with the addition of an advanced diagnostic center, which will alert operators when filters need changing or other maintenance is required.

The John Deere 26 G Compact Excavator comes equipped with a powerful Tier 4 engine that meets emissions requirements without using a diesel particulate filter (DPF). It also offers an optional backfill blade to give operators additional stability while working on uneven terrain or slopes. The machine’s rubber tracks provide superior traction in muddy conditions and are less damaging to paved surfaces than metal tracks would be.

The 26G Compact Excavator offers a variety of bucket sizes, including trenching buckets for digging trenches up to six inches

Case CX145C SR LR bucket excavator

The Case CX145C SR LR has a dig depth of 21.4 feet, which is .6 feet deeper than the average excavator dig depth. The bucket capacity of the CX145C SR LR is .9 cubic yards, which is much smaller than average for this type and size machine.

The CX145C SR LR can operate for 4 hours before needing to refuel, which is shorter than average for an excavator of its size and class.

The Case CX145C SR LR has a net engine power of 108.1 horsepower at 2200 rpm, which is more than enough power for a machine of its size class.

Doosan DX140LCR-3 bucket excavator

The Doosan DX140LCR-3 bucket excavator is a powerful, versatile and technologically advanced machine that offers excellent performance and versatility at a competitive price. A simple, comfortable and reliable machine, it is designed to offer optimum precision, productivity and performance.

The Doosan DX140LCR-3 is a high-performance machine with a modern design. With an innovative hydraulic system that ensures maximum efficiency and fuel consumption, this machine comes with a powerful engine that delivers great power and torque at low rpm. It has an efficient hydraulic system that provides great traction in all types of terrain.

With its advanced technology and ergonomics, this machine can achieve maximum productivity in all types of applications. Its large cab provides the operator with a comfortable working environment while its ergonomic cabin provides excellent visibility of the work area. The Doosan DX140LCR-3 has a spacious interior with ample leg room for operators of all sizes. The ergonomic cabin also offers easy access to controls and the engine compartment.

JCB 3CX Backhoe Excavator

We discover what the best bucket excavators available are and provide you with their main features

If you’re in the market for a new bucket excavator you may be surprised at the wide range of products available.

To make your life easier, we’ve scoured the web to discover what the best bucket excavators available are and provide you with their main features.

The list below will save you from hours of research and help you get the best bucket excavator for your money.

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