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Top 5 long reach excavator to Buy in 2022


Here we do the deep researched and dig around to provide you top 5 long reach excavator which can serve your needs really well. All the information has been checked thoroughly so that it contains accurate and reliable data.

Cat 336FL CR long reach excavator

The Cat 336FL CR long reach excavator is the latest model in Caterpillar’s long reach series. The 336FL CR is a 15 tonne class machine with a maximum dig depth of just over 10 metres and a long reach boom which extends to approximately 17 metres.

The 336FL CR introduces several new features including an improved operator station and a new F-Series cab. The cab features a roomier interior, improved noise reduction and better visibility. The operator station has been redesigned to provide the operator with more space, improved comfort and better ergonomics.

A range of attachments for the 336FL CR are available from Caterpillar including a grapple for handling scrap and waste material, rock buckets for digging in hard rocky conditions, clamshell buckets for dredging and loading loose material, and hammers for breaking up rock, concrete or asphalt.

Cat 336FL CR long reach excavator

JCB JS220LC long reach excavator

The JCB JS220LC long reach excavator features a tracking speed of 4.2mph and uses an additional counterweight to achieve the maximum 22m reach.

At full stretch, the JCB JS220LC can lift up to 1.7 tonnes at ground level, which is useful for lifting large concrete blocks, for example, or putting them in place when building retaining walls.

The new JCB JS220LC excavator also has an automatic engine speed control function to help with fuel economy and noise reduction when working in noise sensitive areas.

The new JCB JS220LC machine is powered by a six cylinder 74kW engine and uses a standard hydraulic system with two pumps one for the tracks and one for the boom.

Hydraulic flow on the boom is limited to 180 litres per minute and that helps lengthen service intervals by reducing heat stress on components. The pump on the tracks only flows 100 litres per minute and that helps save fuel when travelling at higher speeds.

Hitachi ZX570LCH-6 long reach excavator

The Hitachi ZX570LCH-6 long reach excavator has been designed to provide customers with a high-performance machine that is capable of reaching further, while also offering a comfortable and safe working environment.

The machine’s new engine offers reduced fuel consumption compared to its predecessor. It is compliant with EU Stage 5 emissions regulations and uses an AdBlue system to help reduce NOx emissions.

The cab of the ZX570LCH-6 has been widened by 100 mm and now comes with a full range of optional interior upgrades, including an air suspension seat and heated seat for improved comfort over longer periods of use. The cab also features front, side and rear windows that are designed to improve visibility during operations.

An upgraded air con system is designed to offer faster temperature changes within the cab, while an integrated multi-language touch panel control enables simple operation in multiple languages.

As standard, the ZX570LCH-6 comes with Hill Start Aid (HSA), which prevents the machine from rolling back when starting on hills or ramps, helping to reduce the risk of accidents during operations. HSA also helps to reduce brake pad wear and maintenance costs.

Kobelco 200SR LC-5E0 long reach excavator

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME), the European headquarters of the Kobelco Construction Machinery Company, has announced the launch of the new 200SR LC-5E0.

This long reach excavator is based on the popular SK200SR-5 and features a 20m boom and 6m dipper arm, which can extend to a maximum working depth of 9.4m for improved operational efficiency in applications such as demolition, landscaping and waterway maintenance.

The 200SR LC-5E0 has been designed to offer high levels of productivity in these applications, with a maximum digging depth of 11.8m, a bucket tear-out force of 29kN and a lifting capacity of 2t at full reach.

The machine also features an easy-to-operate seven-function control system that allows simultaneous control of all boom, arm and bucket movements and provides operators with smooth, simultaneous two- or three-dimensional operation.

Komatsu PC650LC-11 SE long reach excavator

Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, announced the North American introduction of the PC650LC-11 SE long reach excavator. The PC650LC-11 SE is equipped with a hybrid system that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 percent, compared to its conventional counterpart (PC650LC-11).

The Komatsu Hybrid System stores energy produced during the swing-braking phase. When this stored energy is used as power assistance during the swing-acceleration phase, less engine power is required. This reduces fuel consumption and lowers CO2 emissions while increasing productivity over conventional machines.

The PC650LC-11 SE features Komatsu’s latest Tier 4 Final engine technology, which includes an SCR system and DPF to meet emission regulations without sacrificing productivity or performance.

Komatsu’s Tier 4 Final engines comply with emission regulations using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which uses DEF fluid (diesel exhaust fluid) as a reducing agent to convert harmful NOx into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor. This enables Tier 4 Final engines to deliver greater horsepower and torque, resulting in better fuel efficiency compared to Tier 4 Interim engines

The PC650LC-11 SE comes standard with Komatsu CARE program featuring free factory.

The 5 best long reach excavators to buy in 2022 will be listed here

Building contractors and even home owners will occasionally need to get access to equipment such as excavators, cranes and bulldozers in order to complete a construction project. These machines are referred to as earth moving equipment and are usually extremely expensive to buy outright, but can be rented for a few days or weeks when needed. When it comes to getting the most out of your money and choosing the right excavator for your job, there are a few things you should know about these machines before renting.

The first thing you want to know about your excavator is how much digging power it has. Most of these types of machines have hydraulic arms that extend out from the main part of the machine. The more power they have, the easier they will be able to dig into the ground.

Next, check out how many buckets on an excavator can hold at one time. If you are going to be doing a lot of digging or removing large amounts of dirt, then you may want more buckets than just one bucket will do for you. You can also get different sized buckets depending on how much dirt you need removed from your site at any given time.

Finally, look at the size of an excavator’s arm attachments. There are many different sizes available so that you can get.

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