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Top 5 Medium Wheeled Excavators to Buy in 2022


If you are in the market for medium wheeled excavators, you probably have a budget in mind. But how do you know which ones will provide the best value? Chances are, if you ask five different people, you’ll get at least five different answers. That’s why we compiled this list of the top six medium wheeled excavators to buy in 2022.

Hyundai Robex 430 LC Medium Wheeled Excavators

The Hyundai Robex 430 LC Medium Wheeled Excavators are quality excavators that are built to last and can tackle difficult situations with ease.

The Hyundai Robex 430 LC Medium Wheeled Excavators are part of the Robex line, a range of excavators that were designed to make the most of your work opportunities and deliver the best results.

The Hyundai Robex 430 LC Medium Wheeled Excavators are large heavy duty excavators that are capable of doing a lot of hard work and making sure that it is done quickly as well. You can trust this machine to get the job done and do it well.

The Hyundai Robex 430 LC Medium Wheeled Excavators have a powerful engine and its design makes it very durable. The Robex 430LC is designed for heavy duty work and its chassis is made from high strength steel which makes it very strong and durable. This machine is designed to be used in any situation where you need an excavator, whether you are digging a ditch or digging up earth for construction purposes.

The Hyundai Robex 430LC has a very powerful engine which makes it very powerful. It has a 6 cylinder diesel engine which gives it great power. It also has a hydraulic system which allows you to control the machine easily.

Hyundai Robex 430 LC Medium Wheeled Excavators

Caterpillar 324D Medium Wheeled Excavators

The Caterpillar 324D medium wheeled excavators are designed for challenging applications in the toughest conditions. They are engineered with a superior cab that provides visibility and comfort, durability and reliability, ease of maintenance and serviceability, easy operation, and a low cost of ownership.

The 324D is powered by a Cat C6.4 ACERT diesel engine that is EPA Tier 3 certified. The maximum gross power output is 148 horsepower (110 kilowatts) at 2,200 rpm. The maximum torque rating is 474 ft.-lb. (644 Nm) at 1,800 rpm.

The 324D has an operating weight of 61,160 to 62,800 pounds (27,764 to 28,534 kilograms). The maximum digging reach is 32 feet 4 inches (9.86 meters), while the maximum digging depth is 24 feet 9 inches (7.54 meters). Maximum digging height is 34 feet 11 inches (10.64 meters). The tail swing radius measures 12 feet 2 inches (3.71 meters).

Hyundai R450LC-9A Medium Wheeled Excavators

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc. announces the release of its new R450LC-9A medium-sized excavator. The new R450LC-9A features a Cummins QSB6.7 Tier IV Final engine rated at 146 horsepower and is available in both standard and long- undercarriage configurations.

The model’s standard configuration has a maximum dig depth of 20 feet, 6 inches with a maximum reach of 33 feet, 4 inches. The long-undercarriage configuration has a maximum dig depth of 21 feet, 8 inches with a maximum reach of 34 feet, 8 inches.

Hyundai’s Auto Deceleration System (ADS) automatically returns the engine to idle when hydraulic controls are released for a smoother ride and reduced noise levels. In addition, the Work Mode Selection System allows operators to select the most appropriate working style for their application based on five preprogrammed modes: heavy duty (H), standard (S), economy (E), breaker (B) and fine (F).

Volvo EC360CL Medium Wheeled Excavators

Volvo EC360CL Medium Wheeled Excavators have been designed with the customer in mind. They give you a powerful and fuel efficient engine, combined with our latest innovative hydraulic and electrical system technology to give you the best performance possible. They also feature an ergonomically designed cab that is comfortable and safe for the operator.

Volvo EC360CL excavators are high performing machines that deliver superior productivity, reliability and economy. The Volvo EC360CL offers exceptional fuel efficiency and stability due to its low weight design, which gives it excellent agility on all types of terrain.

The Volvo EC360CL features a large, low slung chassis with four wheel drive. It has a robust design which ensures maximum durability in challenging conditions. The large cab provides enhanced visibility allowing the operator to work safely at any time of day or night.

The Volvo EC360CL has a high performance powertrain, giving it superior fuel economy and reduced emissions compared to a conventional excavator.

The Volvo EC360CL incorporates the latest technology, including a fully automatic transmission with simple controls for easy operation of the machine in any application. The fully automatic transmission enables precise, smooth control over speed when working on slopes or when travelling long distances over rough ground.

Komatsu PC360LC-10 Medium Wheeled Excavators

When you’re selling to contractors, what matters most is how your product looks and performs. In fact, it’s important that you know how your equipment looks in person before you hit the road to inspect it.

Forget about the brochure and sales pitch. You need to see the machine in action and have a chance to ask questions. The only way to do this is to come along with a qualified customer representative who can answer any questions you have about the machine’s performance and safety, as well as help sell it to someone who knows his or her way around an excavation site.

Komatsu PC360LC-10 Excavators are built for maximum productivity, agility and durability. This machine has been designed with a wide wheelbase to allow operators to cover ground quickly without compromising all-terrain performance or footprint, while being lightweight enough not to cause fatigue after long hours at work. The large fuel tank allows operators to work longer without having to refuel. The quick-reversing rear wheels provide added maneuverability through tight spaces, and a large storage compartment allows workers to keep tools nearby when working on a job site.

Komatsu PC360LC-10 Medium Wheeled Excavators

Top 5 Medium Wheeled Excavators to Buy in 2022

Medium wheeled excavators are defined as excavators with an operating weight between 15 and 20 tons. This class offers a large bucket capacity and the ability to dig at depths up to 20 feet. These machines are often used in road construction, civil engineering work, landscaping and general building.

Medium wheeled excavators are quite versatile and can be used for almost any job, but they’re not ideal for all applications. Because they’re usually fitted with tracks rather than wheels, they tend to be less mobile than smaller-sized machines — especially when working on soft surfaces. If you’re looking for a more mobile machine, consider a small wheeled excavator.

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