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Top 9 mini excavators to Buy in 2022


All you read here are the best mini excavators to buy in 2022. The 12 top mini excavators will be presented, therefor, this article is worthy the time and the money.

Caterpillar 301.7D CR mini excavator

The Caterpillar 301.7D CR mini excavator is the first in Caterpillar’s new line of 30,000-lb.-class mini excavators. It has a full range of options and features that help you do more jobs with one machine, such as backfill blade for grading accurate trenches, auxiliary hydraulics for operating attachments and a hydraulic pin grabber quick coupler for switching between buckets and other work tools in seconds.

The 301.7D CR has a Cat C1.5 diesel engine that complies with U.S. EPA Tier 4-Interim requirements without using diesel particulate filters or selective catalytic reduction technologies, so there are no additional fluids to buy or maintain and no additional filters to replace. It also meets U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIB emission standards in all other countries where it is sold without compromising performance or productivity.

Takeuchi TB260 mini excavator

The Takeuchi TB260, the largest model in the compact excavator range, features an overall length of just 10.25 feet. The machine has a maximum digging depth of 14 feet 4 inches, and a maximum dumping height of 18 feet 8 inches.

The unit’s fuel-efficient engine produces 58 horsepower, with a 14 percent increase in horsepower over the previous model. The TB260 also has a bucket digging force of 23,812 pounds and arm digging force of 19,247 pounds.

The excavator comes equipped with two-speed travel and auto idle function. An ISO/SAE pattern changeover system allows the operator to change the control pattern from ISO to SAE configuration with minimal effort. The unit also offers several optional attachments for different jobsite applications: power angle blade, quick coupler, breaker and manual thumb.

Bobcat E42 mini excavator

The Bobcat E42 mini excavator comes with a high back seat for added support and comfort. The operator can effortlessly control the machine with the dual hand levers, joystick and optional pilot controls.

The E42 excavator has a bucket breakout force of 5,142 lbs and a dump height of 10ft. 10in. It also has a maximum digging depth of 8ft. 7in., which is perfect for most excavation projects.

The Bobcat E42 compact excavator has a rated operating capacity of 2,650 lbs, making it versatile for different projects with different tools attached to it. The machine weighs 9,141 lbs., so it is easy to trailer it with a truck or SUV (check local regulations before towing).

New Holland E26 mini excavator

The New Holland E26 mini excavator is the next step up in size from the popular New Holland E18. The E26 offers a step-up in horsepower from the E18, as well as an increase to maximum operating weight.

The New Holland E26 is a conventional style mini excavator. The conventional design features a tail swing that extends beyond the track width of the machine. While this allows the operator to dig closer to buildings and other obstructions, it can also be more dangerous when working around traffic or pedestrians.

The New Holland E26 has a maximum digging depth of 10 feet 7 inches and a maximum reach of 16 feet 9 inches. A standard arm, which comes with all models, provides for a digging force of 6,384 pounds at bucket pivot pins. A long arm option adds 3 feet to the length of the machine and increases the digging force to 7,895 pounds.

As mentioned earlier, it is available with either conventional tail swing or zero tail swing, depending on model type. The zero tail swing design limits the amount of overhang behind the tracks, minimizing damage in tight areas and reducing risk to bystanders or property.

New Holland E26 mini excavator

Hitachi ZX35U-5 mini excavator

The Hitachi ZX35U-5 mini excavator is a reliable and versatile machine. The Hitachi Zaxis is designed to work as hard as you do by delivering more power, fuel efficiency and durability.

The ZX35U-5 is equipped with a Yanmar 3TNV88C engine that has set the standard for compact construction equipment. This engine features direct injection for increased fuel efficiency and improved starting performance in cold conditions.

The Hitachi Zaxis 35U-5 has an operating weight of 7700 lbs and can dig down to 10’11”. With an 8’6″ trenching depth, a 23.4 horsepower engine, smooth hydraulic pump, travel speed up to 3 mph, this is an incredibly versatile mini excavator

The ZX35U-5 also comes equipped with a standard thumb bracket allowing you to add a hydraulic or manual thumb kit if you wish.

Kubota KX033-4 mini excavator

The Kubota KX033-4 is the first of Kubota’s new generation of ‘4’ series excavators, and follows the release of the U55-4 and KX080-4 earlier this year.

The 4.6 tonne machine has a short tail swing radius, a variable undercarriage width of 900mm to 1,400mm and two track frame options: 800mm or 600mm.

It also comes with a number of new features including the new Auto Idling Stop System which automatically switches off the engine when not in use after three minutes, reducing fuel consumption and noise levels.

The machine also has a water separator on its fuel tank, while its engine oil and hydraulic tank are separate.

Other features include an optional rear view camera, LED work lights and an additional front window for improved visibility.

The machine will retail from £34,000 + VAT

Komatsu PC27MR-3 mini excavator

The Komatsu PC27MR-3 mini excavator is the answer for customers who want a small excavator, but are concerned with the machine’s ability to do the work.

The power and performance of this machine, combined with its Tier 4 Final engine, make it ideal in urban areas where low emissions are required. This mini excavator has the power and stability to handle tough jobs in a small package.

With rubber tracks, blade and canopy in place, the PC27MR-3 weighs just 8,380 pounds. With this unit being only 5 feet 6 inches wide and 10 feet long with the blade stowed, it is extremely easy to transport even on a pickup truck. The optional hydraulic thumb enhances its versatility.

This model also features a new attachment angle of 135 degrees for greater digging power when working against an obstacle or wall. The optional hydraulic quick coupler allows for fast and easy change over between buckets and other attachments.

Komatsu PC27MR-3 mini excavator

Kubota K008-3 Ultra mini excavator

Versatile and productive, the Kubota K008-3 Ultra Compact Excavator is the ideal machine for landscape contractors and rental companies. Its ultra-compact design makes it highly maneuverable, so it can easily access tight spaces like backyards, sidewalks and construction sites. The optional angle blade is perfect for snow removal applications.

The Kubota K008-3 excavator has a highly efficient, low noise, fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine that provides exceptional digging and lifting forces. The hydraulic system incorporates load sensing technology that delivers optimal hydraulic power while reducing fuel consumption. The K008-3 uses a compact swing boom design to maximize productivity in confined areas. It features an easy-to-use joystick control system with pattern change capability that gives the operator precise control of all boom movements. The joystick control system also features an automatic two-speed travel control button to increase machine tracking speed.

The Kubota K008-3 Ultra Compact Excavator is powered by a liquid cooled 9 hp diesel engine with a variable fan system that automatically adjusts the fan speed according to engine temperature to reduce fuel consumption while eliminating unnecessary noise. The compact overall dimensions of this excavator make it perfect for jobs in tight spaces such as backyards, sidewalks and construction sites

Volvo ECR35D mini excavator

When it comes to compact excavators, Volvo Construction Equipment’s ECR35D is a perfect example. The ECR35D has plenty of power for digging and other tasks, but its narrow width makes it ideal for tight spaces. With a width of just 2.49 feet, the machine can fit through gates and between utility poles, enabling operators to work in more locations with greater efficiency.

The ECR35D mini excavator features a vertical swing boom that allows it to operate around obstacles with ease. The boom design also enables the machine to perform a backfill and clean-up process with minimal spillage to reduce the need for extra clean-up time and costs.

The ECR35D’s full-scale operation allows it to excel at all types of jobs, especially plumbing, electrical and landscape work where maneuverability is key.

This machine is powered by a 24-horsepower Volvo Tier 4 Final engine that offers exceptional fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance or productivity. The Volvo engine provides up to 40 percent better fuel economy than competing models, reducing operating costs by providing more hours of work on one tank.

Volvo ECR35D mini excavator

The mini excavators are underestimated tools for digging small holes and trenches up to 6.0 cubic yards which is good for gardens and lawns also. With these tools, you can install new electric lines, water pipes, or even a new fence. If you want to buy one then you must check our list of Top 9 mini excavators to Buy in 2022.

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