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Top 7 track excavators to Buy in 2022


To help you find the top 7 track excavators to buy in 2022, we’ve carried out a lot of research. This is because we at D-Track are dedicated to finding the best excavators for our customers — so that’s what we do.

Hitachi ZX85USB-6 track excavators

The ZX85USB-6 is a compact, short radius, zero tail swing excavator with a compact design for increased maneuverability in cramped conditions, such as working next to buildings or trees.

The ZX85USB-6 is equipped with a front glass door for greater visibility and an air suspension seat that ensures operator comfort.

A high performance hydraulic system includes an automatic idle function, which reduces fuel consumption by automatically lowering engine rpm after the user has stopped operating the travel pedals for 5 seconds. The ZX85USB-6 also has an eco-guidance system that alerts the operator to how efficiently he or she is working, so fuel usage can be adjusted as needed.

JCB JS130LC track excavators

The JCB JS130LC tracked excavator is the 12 tonne model in our heavy hydraulic excavator range. Fitted with a reinforced bucket, boom and dipper as standard, it is ideal for general building work, recycling, demolition and road construction.

This 13 tonne tracked excavator has an outstanding dig depth of over 6 metres and a maximum reach of over 9 metres. The JS130LC uses our FuelRight technology to reduce fuel costs by up to 10% compared to our previous 13 tonne tracked excavator model.

The cab on this 13 tonne excavator has been redesigned for improved comfort and to reduce noise levels. High comfort levels are maintained throughout the working day thanks to advanced air conditioning, heated air suspension seat and LCD screen display.

For increased safety when working at height, our 360-degree camera system can be fitted as an option on this heavy tracked excavator. This feature improves visibility around the machine and is ideal for working in confined spaces or close to buildings.

JCB JS130LC track excavators

Doosan DX140LC-5 track excavators

The new Doosan DX140LC-5 track excavator is designed to provide high levels of performance and reliability, while giving maximum comfort to the operator. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including quarrying, heavy construction, road building and general contracting.

The DX140LC-5 is powered by the Doosan DL06K engine (meeting Tier 4 interim requirements) which delivers a net power output of 104kW. Two engine modes are available: Economy Mode reduces fuel consumption by reducing engine speed and RPM when hydraulic demand is low; Power Mode provides fast hydraulic response and higher travel speeds for digging, loading and grading applications. The engine complies with EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 Interim regulations.

The DX140LC-5 has an operating weight of 14,600kg, a bucket capacity of 1.4m³, a maximum digging depth of 5550mm (18ft 2in), a maximum reach at ground level of 9500mm (31ft 2in) and a maximum digging force (bucket) of 115kN.

The machine’s pump capacity has been increased by 5% over the previous model to achieve higher productivity.

JCB 8025ZTS ECOSPACE track excavators

The JCB 8025ZTS ECOSPACE is a 1.5 tonne mini tracked excavator that’s built to last, as well as being incredibly productive and easy to service and maintain.

As with all other JCB mini excavators, the 8025ZTS is powered by a JCB EcoMAX engine, which complies with Tier 4 Final regulations while delivering maximum efficiency.

All JCB 8025ZTS ECOSPACE track excavators are equipped with the JCB Ecomax-2 engine, which features high-pressure common rail fuel injection for smooth performance, high torque at low rpm for excellent fuel efficiency and power curves optimised for hydraulic response. This engine also features a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) for Tier 4 Final compliance.

The engine is also fitted with an integrated oil cooler for optimum performance in hot conditions, automatic shutdown to protect the engine if it overheats or runs out of fuel and an auto-idle feature that reduces noise and cuts fuel consumption when the machine is stationary.

Volvo ECR88D track excavators

Volvo says its ECR88D short-swing radius excavator is ideal for working in confined spaces and urban areas. Power comes from a Tier 4 Final Volvo D3 engine rated at 61 horsepower (45 kW). Operating weight is 19,841 pounds (8990 kg), and bucket capacity is 0.75 cubic yards (0.57 m3). The excavator features a Comfort Ride undercarriage system with shock dampers on the tracks to absorb vibrations and improve operator comfort.

The ECR88D comes standard with Volvo’s Care Cab, which includes an adjustable suspension seat and climate control system, large windows and a wide entrance door with a window. The machine also has a heated suspension seat, floor mat and front windscreen, as well as a radio package that includes two front speakers, an antenna and Bluetooth hands-free telephone kit.

Bomag BW211DH-50 track excavators

The BW211DH-50 track excavator is the largest excavator in Bomag’s range of articulated dump trucks (ADTs), crawler dumpers and crawler excavators. It was first introduced in 1994 and has since undergone several developments.

The machine is powered by a Cummins QSC8.3 Tier 3 engine that delivers 169kW or 225hp at 1800rpm to the drive system. The operator cabin can accommodate two people, with power steering and air suspension as standard.

The single-shank ripper on the front of the machine can be exchanged for other tools provided by Bomag, such as a double shank ripper, quick coupler, compactor, cutter and a variety of wear parts. This versatility allows the machine to be used for different tasks within mining applications.

Kubota KX080-4 Alpha Series track excavators

Kubota KX080-4 Alpha Series track excavators are available with either a canopy or cab. The machines feature an advanced hydraulic system with a variable displacement pump, which improves control and reduces fuel consumption by up to 12 percent.

The cabs of the new Alpha Series track excavators are designed for reduced noise levels and equipped with an automatic climate control system. Three selectable operating modes (economy, standard and power-max) help operators save fuel by adjusting engine speed based on the level of power needed for a specific operation.

A factory-installed radio comes standard in all models, and an auxiliary hydraulic piping system is also available as an option on the KX080-4. Digging force is further enhanced by a high-flow hydraulic system that provides up to 35 gallons per minute at 3,850 psi.

The KX080-4 machines come standard with pattern control change valve, two-way auxiliary hydraulics and backup alarm. The cab model features a heated cab with air conditioning, tinted safety glass and ergonomic seat design. A rearview camera is optional for both models, along with a quick coupler for easy attachment changes.

Kubota KX080-4 Alpha Series track excavators

These seven track excavators are good options to consider purchasing

Excavators are used in many applications, from digging trenches and preparing foundations on construction sites, to driving in piles on a farm. Clear snow in winter or dredge rivers. Power shovels, also known as power scoops, are small excavation machines for small jobs such as digging out a swimming pool or excavating for the foundation of a small building.

Many boom adjustments are available from manufacturers to increase the versatility of their equipment. Some excavators have front-end attachments allowing them to perform multiple tasks with one base machine. This can be accomplished by simply changing the attachment. The most common front-end attachments are backhoes, forklifts, and grapples.

Drilling and blasting work is done by specialized machines capable of drilling holes in rock and setting explosives with pinpoint accuracy. An alternative method is raise boring, a hole is drilled vertically into the ground to reach the bottom of an inclined shaft where miners can cut horizontally into the ore seam and lift it out through the drilled hole.

Excavators usually feature a boom and arm fitted with a bucket attachment that is used for digging. Other common attachments include augers, breakers, pile-drivers, rippers, trenchers and brushcutters.

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