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volvo ecr25d excavator review


The Volvo ECR25D is a great all-round machine for many site works including earthworks, demolition and groundwork. As one of the most popular excavators in its class you will see this model in use on jobsites from building sites to landfill.

volvo ecr25d excavator Introduction

Weighing 2.5t, the new Volvo ECR25D mini excavator is small and nimble, making it ideal for working in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas.

The machine’s compact design allows it to go where other machines can’t, giving maximum productivity at a minimal cost. The ECR25D’s tail swing radius is just 695mm and its crawler width is only 790mm, allowing great maneuverability in confined spaces. The machine is also equipped with a robust dozer blade with a variable width of 1880 to 2040mm.

The ECR25D comes with two digging methods for use on different surfaces: standard excavating and grading mode. Grading mode gives more speed and smoothness to the hydraulic functions when performing fine grading tasks by reducing the responsiveness of the controls by 40%.

The machine’s engine meets Stage V legislation without the need for diesel particulate filters (DPFs), which means no need for costly down-time to regenerate filters or carry out DPF maintenance. It has a maximum output of 15kW/20hp, delivering low fuel consumption, low noise levels and improved comfort and efficiency.

volvo ecr25d excavator review

volvo ecr25d excavator Engine

Volvo’s new ECR25D is a zero tail swing, short radius excavator that delivers high performance in confined work areas. The 9-foot width with counterweight retracted allows for easy transportation and maneuverability in tight spaces. This machine has a maximum digging depth of 10 feet 3 inches and a maximum reach at ground level of 16 feet 9 inches. It has an operating weight of 8,000 pounds, offering a tipping load of 4,700 pounds.

Its ultra-short radius makes it ideal for working around obstacles, close to walls and other machines. The ECR25D is equipped with Volvo’s automatic two-speed travel system allowing the machine to automatically shift to high speed when the hand control is released. This feature increases productivity by reducing repositioning time between tasks.

The engine is rated at 25 horsepower, providing excellent fuel economy and reduced noise levels. A standard electronically controlled hydraulic pump provides precise control of all boom functions while reducing fuel consumption and improving productivity by allowing simultaneous operations without sacrificing cycle times or power.

volvo ecr25d excavator Hydraulic System

To receive the maximum output from its hydraulic system, the Volvo EC25D compact excavator is equipped with a power boost feature. This feature allows for an increase in hydraulic pressure to operate attachments and increase lifting capacities by approximately 10 percent.

With its Volvo D1.7A Tier 4 Final engine producing 24.8 horsepower, the EC25D is designed to be easy to operate with smooth and precise control over the machine’s hydraulics. The excavator features two operation modes: Standard and Power mode.

The Standard mode delivers enhanced controllability, while the Power mode provides increased performance without sacrificing precision control. Operators can select either of these modes using buttons on the hand-operated controls or via the centrally located joystick buttons.

volvo ecr25d excavator Drivetrain System

The Volvo ECR25D compact (mini) excavator has a durable, heavy-duty drivetrain that is designed for long life. Volvo says its “intelligent” drivetrain features a smart hydraulic system and advanced electronic control to give the machine the ability to sense and react to any change in load, while at the same time delivering peak performance.

The ECR25D drivetrain starts with a heavy-duty torque converter, providing smooth power transfer between engine and hydraulic pump. The intelligent hydraulic system allows precise control of the hydraulic pumps to optimize power and fuel consumption. An automatic gear selection feature optimizes high/low gear ratios according to operating conditions. The machine automatically shifts gears when necessary

The advanced electronic control helps the operator work more efficiently by ensuring smooth gear shifting, precise boom and arm movement and fast cycle times. The computerized system also minimizes fuel consumption by reducing engine speed when not required.

volvo ecr25d excavator Chassis & Undercarriage

The Volvo ECR25D is a compact excavator with a short tail swing and a maximum reach of 8 ft. 5 in. (2.6 m). When its arm is folded, the machine has an overall width of only 69 in. (1.8 m), allowing it to operate in narrow spaces — including those with a height restriction of 7 ft. 9 in. (2.4 m). The ECR25D has a standard blade or an optional angle blade for added versatility.

The machine’s sturdy undercarriage provides increased stability and can be equipped with rubber tracks or steel tracks with rubber pads. The Volvo ECR25D has a maximum travel speed of 5 mph (8 km/h) and comes standard with two-speed travel, which helps the operator maximize efficiency by allowing higher speeds when needed, such as on the job site or on the road.

volvo ecr25d excavator

volvo ecr25d excavator Cab and controls

View of the Volvo ECR25D excavator’s cab and control panel. The cab is climate-controlled and features a seat that swivels 15 degrees to the right or left.

The cab’s front window tilts forward up to 30 degrees, and its door can be opened by an emergency release lever located in the lower right corner of the door. The door window can be opened separately.

The ECR25D excavator is equipped with a high-resolution 7-inch color monitor that displays all information necessary for safe and efficient machine operation, including fuel level, engine oil pressure and coolant temperature, as well as data on hydraulic flow, swing speed, swing direction and travel speed. The monitor also helps operators track maintenance intervals and monitor performance.

The Volvo ECR25D excavator is a light-duty compact machine that is easy to use and provides a perfect balance between power and weight

The Volvo ECR25D excavator is a light-duty compact machine that is easy to use and provides a perfect balance between power and weight.

“We have made the ECR25D extremely versatile,” said Anders Axelsson, Product Manager Excavators at Volvo. “It can perform a wide range of tasks in both urban and rural environments, such as landscaping, demolition, digging foundations, utility work or roadwork. At the same time, it is comfortable for operators to use for an entire day.”

The machine offers exceptional visibility with a large glass area and slim pillars. The Volvo Care Cab has been designed to give operators an ergonomic workplace with easy access to all controls. The operator can also choose between three driving modes – ECO, Standard and POWER – depending on the task at hand. The machine has a spacious cabin that can be adjusted to suit the operator’s height and posture needs through the adjustable seat and joystick position.

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