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Volvo EC20E excavator: The Perfect Solution for Tight Spaces


Volvo EC20E is a ready-to-work excavator designed to deliver the capacity, speed and performance required by busy contractors in a compact package. It combines proven Volvo technology with the ability to work in confined areas or tough terrain, making it the perfect solution for today’s construction sites.

Introducing the EC20E – A Mini Excavator Designed for a Long Working Life and Maximum Uptime

The EC20E is a new mini excavator in the Volvo range. It’s a zero-tail-swing machine with a compact footprint, measuring just 1.6 m wide and 3.3 m long. Despite its size, this machine has excellent stability, thanks to its low center of gravity and wide track base.

The EC20E is the smallest machine in the E-Series range, which was designed for owners who need an excavator that can work at maximum capacity for long periods of time. The E-Series machines are designed for high uptime:

A standard feature on all E-Series models is the ECO mode, which adjusts the engine speed according to the load. This reduces fuel consumption when performing light tasks and minimizes emissions, noise levels and engine wear.

The hydraulic oil cooling system features a large surface area that ensures great heat transfer from hydraulic oil to air and enables the oil to cool quickly even when it’s very hot outside.

The engine compartment is sealed to keep dirt out of sensitive components like the radiator and battery, thereby extending service intervals and reducing maintenance costs.

Volvo EC20E

Created with Robustness and Reliability in Volvo EC20E excavator Mind

Supporting you on your journey to progress, we want to assure you that our Volvo EC20E excavator is created with robustness and reliability. In our extension of faithfulness, this high-performance machine will be at your service in cost-efficient results. Installed with the latest technology of Engine Power Management System (EPM) by Volvo, the EC20E has a power output of 0.7 kW (1,043 hp) for improved productivity in all weather conditions. We even designed this machine with a more precise control panel added with accurate digital display for the operator’s comfort.

Volvo EC20E excavator Fitted with a Powerful Engine for Extended Peak Performance

When providing outstanding levels of performance, reliability and durability the Volvo EC20E front loader is without doubt hard to beat. Equipped with a powerful and robust Volvo DH40 engine offering a large torque band resulting in ample power at low speed and phenomenal power at peak performance for the toughest conditions. This is combined with Volvo’s latest innovations in hydraulics providing a smooth and accurate control of the motor whilst incorporating standard fuel-efficient features resulting in lower running costs and improved reliability.

Volvo EC20E excavator Superior Hydraulic System for Less Fuel Consumption and Higher Efficiency

The Volvo EC20E excavator is built for superior hydraulic efficiency. Its high flow hydraulic system uses innovative hydraulic architecture and state-of-the-art components, which optimize power and oil flow through the equipment. This means it can be operated efficiently within a smaller hydraulic capacity band and lower oil flow rate, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.(Credits: Volvo Group)

Volvo EC20E excavator Excellent Control and Precision in the Toughest Applications

The Volvo EC20E excavator provides excellent control and precision in the toughest applications. Its intelligent design allows for high stability and easy operation, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity for ambitious construction jobs, large developments and demanding long-term operation. The excavator’s design places the engine at the base of the unit, so all operating functions can be carried out without bending. This means users can choose from up to 11 permitted working positions with zero risk of injury.

Volvo EC20E excavator Comfortable Operator Cab Environment for More Productivity and Fewer Fatigue Issues

We know operator health and comfort is important in all industries. But when you are operating heavy machinery or a first responder vehicle, the stakes are even higher. In 2015, a study was published on the role of clutch use in reducing driver fatigue. Fatigue can have an extremely negative effect on productivity and safety — so it’s something we need to take seriously. As part of Volvo CE’s continuous efforts to reduce operator fatigue and drive productivity, we tested the new joystick option for our EC20E excavator. According to the study, this innovative feature could help reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.

Volvo EC20E

The EC20E is perfect for construction projects when space is limited

Construction workers are spending more time inside these days, and it’s not just because of the weather. The EC20E takes up much less space than traditional heavy equipment. It allows you to work in more confined spaces making it ideal for remodeling projects. The EC20E lets you work where people live comfortably every day.

It features a two-stage swing boom and a grabber on the end of its boom arm that makes it easy to hang, stand and balance. Another advantage is that you can reach windows and other high locations without obstacle. This makes it easier for you to get the job done in less time.

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