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Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator review


The Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator is a solid choice for contractors looking to get the job done. From urban roads to rural work sites, it provides amazing flexibility. In this Volvo wheeled excavator review, we’ll cover everything from its operation and features, to determining if it’s the right model for your business.

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator Machine specs first

The Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator is the first in the new E-Series platform. The 130-horsepower machine, which has been in development for more than three years and is manufactured at Volvo’s Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, facility, has a number of operator-driven features, including:

Operating weight28,440 – 31,747 lbs
Gross power121 hp
Engine speed at max engine torque2,000 rpm
Bucket capacity0.95 yd³
Max lifting capacity13,007 lbs
…at reach / height15 / 5 ft
Max. digging reach28′ 5″ ft in
Max. digging depth16′ 9″ ft in
Breakout force, ISO (Boost)24,392 lbf
Max speed21.7 mph
Tail swing radius5′ 1″ ft in

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator Engine power

The Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator is driven by a highly efficient, reliable and low-maintenance engine that complies with EU Stage IV/ US Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The stage IV engine is the same as in other Volvo machines, meaning you do not have to worry about new service processes or additional training for your mechanics. The Volvo D4D Tier 4 Interim engine’s reliability and productivity have been proven over many years of use in North America.

Engine power: 93 kW (125 hp) at 1800 rpm

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator Efficient hydraulics

The short boom and offset boom foot design lets you work close to buildings and walls. The Boom Suspension System (BSS) helps reduce vibrations while working, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

The cab features a large, air-suspended seat with adjustable armrests and a multi-adjustable console that can be positioned for optimal comfort and control. A wide range of optional equipment further enhances your environment, including a radio and MP3 player, climate control system, camera, extra work lights and more.

Fast hydraulic cycle times give you quick bucket fill times – so you can increase productivity all day long.

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator Slew torque

The Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator has a large slew torque of 60,200Nm. The slew torque is the maximum amount of force that the excavator can apply to rotate the upper part of the tool in relation to the lower part. The slew torque means that the excavator can perform highly demanding tasks more efficiently, for example when backfilling or handling boulders.

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator Boom and dipper

The EWR130E is equipped with the Volvo CE-patented X-shaped boom. The X-shape design increases lifting capacity and improves stability, especially when working in uneven ground or at full reach. With the Volvo CE X-boom you can get closer to the wall, dig straight down and lift more material. The boom has a maximum lift height of 5.8 m (19 ft) and a maximum reach of 8.5 m (28 ft).

The machine is equipped with a standard 0.9 m (2 ft 11 in.) dipper. Optional dipper lengths are: 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in.), 1.3 m (4 ft 3 in.) and 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in.).

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator Slew, boom and dipper from the cab

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched the latest EWR130E wheeled excavator with a range of new features and technology.

The EWR130E is powered by a Volvo 6-cylinder Stage V engine developing 119 kW (160 hp), which meets the latest emissions standards. In addition, the excavator has been equipped with an intelligent shift automation system, which is claimed to deliver higher productivity and reduced fuel costs. According to the manufacturer, the system ensures that the right gear is chosen at any time and ensures optimal fuel economy by automatically selecting the best gear for each task.

The new engine and transmission combination is said to provide faster acceleration and higher top speed, while also reducing fuel consumption. The electronically controlled hydraulics are said to offer faster, smoother operation as well as lowering fuel consumption.

In addition, a new cab provides greater all-round visibility due to new, larger glass surfaces and a fully adjustable seat with lumbar support for increased comfort. The optional LED lights have improved brightness for safer operation at night or in low light conditions.

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator A quiet cab is a happy cab

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has launched the new EWR150E wheeled excavator. The latest generation of the company’s largest wheeled excavator, the EWR150E features significant performance enhancements, including an all-new Tier 4 Final/Stage V-compliant engine and enhanced hydraulic system, plus greater lifting capacity and a new, quieter cab.

The new Volvo D8J engine delivers 242 kW (324 hp) of power and torque at 1 800 rpm. This means that the machine can run at lower rpms, which in turn reduces noise levels within the cab by nearly 5 dB(A).

Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator Cab comfort for operator

Volvo was the first manufacturer to offer an operator cab with ROPS and FOPS certification. It is also the only manufacturer to offer a two-year cab warranty and a lifetime cab rust warranty on all its excavators.

The Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator features a spacious environment, with low noise levels and excellent all-round visibility, as well as excellent heating and air conditioning. The ergonomic joystick controls and multifunctional armrest enhance productivity while reducing work fatigue. They also improve operator safety by placing the most commonly used controls close at hand.

Good visibility for Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator operator

It needs to be compact enough for easy transport, yet powerful enough to dig and lift materials with relative ease. It also needs to have excellent all-round visibility, so that the operator can work safely and efficiently in any situation.

After all, an operator is only as good as the machine they’re using.

This is why we designed the EWR130E with an oversized glasshouse. The panoramic windows provide an excellent view of the front, sides and above you – making it easier than ever to see what’s around you.

What’s more, this wheeled excavator is equipped with a large, comfortable ROPS cab. Operators will feel right at home in the spacious interior – complete with ergonomic controls and a comfortable seat. With great visibility, an intuitive layout and plenty of space to move around in, the EWR130E is ideal for working long shifts on site.

EWR130E Wheeled Excavator

The Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator is best in its class

The Volvo EWR130E wheeled excavator is best in its class when it comes to both performance and environmental care. The machine impresses with a high level of strength, stability and manoeuvrability as well as excellent fuel economy.

The Volvo EWR130E is designed to combine the best of two worlds: high productivity and low fuel consumption. The machine has been designed and built to suit the size of the job, making it ideal for a range of applications including road work, landscaping and residential construction.

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