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volvo ewr170e Benefits

Advanced Hydraulic System: The EWR170E is equipped with a fully proportional, closed-center hydraulic system, which delivers smooth and precise control of the boom, bucket and auxiliary hydraulics. A full-flow, pressure-compensated hydraulic filter increases the life of the hydraulic system by keeping out contaminants. The hydraulic system provides optimal flow characteristics to maximize productivity and reduce cycle times.

Dual Stage Travel Motor: The travel motors are mounted on each side of the rear axle, allowing for equal weight distribution between the axles. This arrangement also allows for increased flotation when operating on soft or loose surfaces.

Powershift Transmission: The powershift transmission features three forward speeds and three reverse speeds to provide a wide range of operation speeds for any application. Electronic controls automatically shift from one speed range to another to provide smooth power delivery throughout all ranges of operation.

Cab Comfort: The spacious cab features ergonomic controls, large windows and a comfortable seat with armrests. An air conditioning system is standard equipment on the EWR170E to keep operators cool in hot environments.

Operating weight39,573 – 42,329 lbs
Gross power154 hp
Engine speed at max engine torque2,000 rpm
Bucket capacity0.9 yd³
Max lifting capacity12.1 lbs
…at reach / height20 / 5 ft
Max. digging reach30′ 8.5″ ft in
Max. digging depth18′ 10.4″ ft in
Breakout force, ISO (Boost)28,326 lbf
Max speed21.7 mph
Tail swing radius5′ 10.5″ ft in
volvo ewr170e excavator

volvo ewr170e Operational Stability

The Volvo EWR170E compact wheeled excavator is equipped with a 3.7-tonne, three-piece boom and a 2.5-tonne, three-piece stick, both of which are made of high-tensile steel. In addition to the standard machine, there is an option of a shorter boom and stick that reduces the operating weight to 15,870kg and provides extra stability.

The new cab features an ergonomic layout and easy access through the right-hand door, making it safer for operators to get in and out of the machine. There is also a fully adjustable seat with lumbar support and a left armrest with integrated joystick controls for the most comfortable operating position possible.

The air conditioning system has been designed with a new evaporator that guarantees excellent cooling performance even in extreme ambient temperatures up to 55°C — this helps to increase operator alertness during long working days during summer months.

The Volvo EWR170E compact wheeled excavator can be fitted with either a 1m³ or 1.1m³ bucket as standard and a quick coupler is available as an option so operators can quickly switch between attachments.

volvo ewr170e Machine security system

An anti-theft system for wheel loaders that automatically shuts the machine down when it is moved, or if an attempt is made to start it.

The EWR170E wheel loader machine security system from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) provides owners with added peace of mind when leaving their machines unattended. The EWR170E will automatically shut down a wheel loader if it is moved, or if an attempt is made to start the machine without an authorized key fob present. If the wheel loader is then towed away, or an unauthorized person attempts to bypass the system, the engine will not start once the machine is reconnected to a power source.

Each EWR170E machine security system comes with two remote key fobs and one ignition key as standard. Up to 50 additional key fobs may be programmed onto each EWR170E unit by an authorized Volvo service technician.

volvo ewr170e Fuel efficiency

Proven fuel-efficient Volvo engine with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, together with the smart Volvo ECO mode, ensures high productivity, low fuel consumption and minimum exhaust emissions.

Heavy-duty chassis, axles and frame ensure that the wheeled excavator is tough enough to withstand tough conditions, even on rough surfaces. An oscillating rear axle provides good traction and smooth driving over rough terrain.

The front axle is equipped with constant four-wheel drive, a limited slip differential (LSD) and self-locking differential locks in all wheels as standard. The position of the engine over the front axle ensures a low center of gravity and optimum weight distribution. This results in excellent stability when working with an attachment at full reach.

volvo ewr170e Maintenance and serviceability

Easy access to components and simple maintenance procedures help keep your machine running at peak performance. A wide range of maintenance and service products, such as regular oil changes, greasing and the use of filters, are available for your Volvo wheeled excavator. We also offer a range of optional extras, designed to make your daily work even easier.

The EWR170E is equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring system that ensures maximum uptime. The data is collected from the machine’s sensors and transmitted to Volvo ActiveCare Direct. This data can be used to easily monitor the condition of the machine and its components. It can also guide you to what maintenance needs to be done in order to ensure optimal performance and service life.

volvo ewr170e Operator comfort and productivity

The large and roomy cab with a low noise level improves operator comfort, productivity and precision. The cab has been carefully designed with the operator in mind. A low noise level and an air suspension seat improve comfort and reduce stress on the driver.

The volvo ewr170e has a spacious and quiet cab that provides a good working environment for the operator. The air conditioning system is standard equipment and keeps the temperature on a comfortable level at all times.

volvo ewr170e excavator

The Volvo EWR170E is a top-performing machine

The Volvo EWR170E is a top-performing machine. The powerful and versatile articulated hauler does its job well in any application and has done so for several decades. It’s not only the engine that makes the EWR170E so popular, but also the many options, which can be adapted to suit any application.

Volvo offers all customers a free Premium Used inspection of their machine. This service is extremely popular among all Volvo used equipment owners — even if they don’t buy their machine from Volvo.

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