komatsu excavator problem and solution

komatsu pc 50 excavator problem and solution


We are specialized in pc 50 excavator. There are so many kinds of problem and solution about an excavator. We provide the large amount of komatsu pc 50 problems excavator for you. To help you find the solution of your machine and we also give some knowledge about excavator.

komatsu pc 50

komatsu pc 50 excavator The Hydraulic System Overheats

The hydraulic system overheats, the hydraulic oil temperature rises, and the hydraulic oil temperature rises. The hydraulic system is overheated, the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, the hydraulic pump motor is overloaded and overheated, the engine speed is reduced at high speeds, and the pump motor is operated at low speeds. The operation of the machine was normal before being shut down for an hour. When it was turned on again, it was found that the machine could not move normally.

The cause of this failure may be as follows:
(1) Nozzle blockage: If a nozzle is blocked by dirt or dust, check that all nozzles are free of dirt or dust.

(2) Dirty or low-viscosity oil: Check if there is any abnormality in the appearance of the oil. If there is any dirt in it, clean it; if the viscosity has decreased due to deterioration or long-term use of the oil has exceeded its shelf life, replace it with new oil. If there are too many impurities in the oil or if it is a low-viscosity oil, it will result in poor lubrication of the parts.

komatsu pc 50 excavator Tilt Bucket Malfunction

komatsu pc 50 excavator tilt bucket malfunction and solution. The operator turned the machine off when the problem occurred. The tilt function stopped working, the bucket was not returning to its original position.

To fix this problem we had to remove a few pins. We removed the bolt from the bucket, then proceeded to remove the pin holding the arm in place and finally we removed the ball joint pin located on top of the boom arm. We then proceeded to remove some cables as well as some coolant hoses.

The arm was now free from all pins and bolts, so we were able to move it freely by hand.

After moving it by hand we realized that there was a rock stuck inside the part that connects with one of the pins on top of the boom arm.We managed to get it out using a hammer and a chisel.

Afterwards, we put everything back together in reverse order, starting with all cables, coolant hoses, ball joint pin and finally securing it with bolts and pins.
After assembly process was completed we tested everything along with all functions on this excavator and they were working fine.

komatsu pc 50 excavator Oil-Filled Tracks

Oil spill is a phenomenon of oil leakage from the excavator on the ground, resulting in a slippery road, especially in winter. The rubber track shoes are filled with oil to reduce the noise and shock absorption when walking on the ground. When this phenomenon occurs, it will affect the subsequent walking operation, so it is necessary to pay attention to it.

In the case of excavators, there are many reasons why oil spills occur:
1. Check whether the rubber track shoe is cracked or not
2. Check whether the metal lining is damaged
3. Check if there are any debris blocking the bottom drain hole and whether they need to be cleaned
4. Check that there is no damage to the metal lining and air brake line
5. Check that all nails are properly tightened
6. Check if there are any loose or damaged components on the walking parts

komatsu pc 50 excavator Burned Out Hydraulic Motor

This is a video of the hydraulic motor that was burned out on my Komatsu PC50 excavator. It was burned out because I didn’t know how to operate it, and I think it is a bad design. I’m not sure what the design problem is, but every time you push forward with the stick, the motor turns in one direction, and when you pull back on the stick it turns in reverse. I would prefer a motor that doesn’t turn in reverse when you push forward on the stick, so that would make it easier to control. The other problem is that the motor seems to be very sensitive to pressure variations, so if you are pushing too hard on the stick and then try to let off the pressure, it will start turning faster in reverse until you push forward again.

This is a video of the hydraulic motor from my Komatsu PC50 excavator. This is a great machine for small jobs around your home or yard. It has a powerful hydraulic system and can dig up almost anything! It also has a long reach of about 12 feet with its boom extended. This excavator has been well maintained by me over its lifetime (about 15 years).

It’s got plenty of power for digging holes and moving dirt around your property!

komatsu pc 50 excavator Burnt Out Pilot Oiler Pump

Komatsu PC50 excavator. The pilot oiler pump has burnt out. Need to replace it. I have found a replacement pump but can’t find the part number or name of the original pump. It is located on the left side of the engine at the bottom.
It is a pump that has a feed line from the hydraulic reservoir tank and a return line to the hydraulic tank. It also has an electrical connection with a two wire plug that is live all the time.

I think this pump activates when you turn on the key. It operates for about five seconds then stops until you turn off and restart it again. If anyone knows where I can get a schematic so I can tell what this part is called and part number it would be greatly appreciated.

komatsu pc 50 excavator Drifting Swing or Stuck Brakes

A Komatsu PC50MR excavator swing brakes were drifting. The Komatsu PC50MR excavator swing brake would not release. With the DOW system engaged, I could not move the boom of the Komatsu PC50MR excavator or rotate the house on a Komatsu PC50MR excavator.

The first thing I did was to check for a leak in the hydraulic system. I checked all of the hoses and lines from the control valves to the cylinders on a Komatsu PC50MR excavator. I found no leaks on a Komatsu PC50MR excavator.

The next step was to remove one of the swing brake pads on a Komatsu PC50MR excavator and see if any oil was leaking out. There was no oil leaking from the swing brake pads on a Komatsu PC50MR excavator.

I removed both of the hydraulic cylinders for the swing brake pads on a Komatsu PC50MR excavator and checked them for leaks. There were no leaks of hydraulic fluid from either cylinder on a Komatsu PC50MR excavator.

The next step is to replace each cylinder with another cylinder from a different part of your machine or from another piece of equipment that you have in your fleet like this customer does.

Learn the common problems to look out for in your Komatsu pc 50 excavator

The Komatsu pc 50 excavator is one of the most popular models for the onsite operator. They are intended for the toughest challenges faced by contractors and larger mining companies around the world. If you have one of these heavy-duty machines then it is essential that you are aware of the common problems that can occur.

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