komatsu excavator problem and solution

komatsu pc60 excavator problem and solution


Komatsu pc60 excavator manufacture in Japan at komatsu 30 years from 1973.This is a nice strong machine with quick attachments. The purpose of this guide is to help you dismantle your Komatsu PC60 excavator, so you can repair it or overhaul it. )

komatsu pc60 excavator hydraulic oil temperature is too high

The PC60 excavator is running for a long time or the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, and the main reasons are:

1. The hydraulic oil is deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

2. The hydraulic oil filter element is clogged with impurities and needs to be replaced.

3. There are too many impurities in the system, and the cleaning tank should be cleaned up.

4. The air inlet pipe of the cooling fan is blocked, and the cooling fan should be checked and repaired.

komatsu pc60 excavator hydraulic oil temperature is too high and solution, first of all to check the hydraulic oil level is normal, if it is low, you can add some hydraulic oil, but must remember not to be full. Check the hydraulic oil temperature, the normal temperature below 55 degrees Celsius. Check the water temperature, water temperature should be controlled at 70 to 90 degrees Celsius. Check whether there are two filters are clogged or blocked. If there is a need to replace the filter. After checking all the above items are normal, and then continue to test the machine.

komatsu pc60 excavator problem

komatsu pc60 excavator oil line leakage

The Komatsu PC60-7 excavator is a 5.5-tonne class, small-sized crawler excavator. The engine of the PC60-7 excavator adopts a Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5 turbocharged, intercooled and electronically controlled diesel engine with a power of 37 kW/1800 rpm and a maximum torque of 181 Nm/1400 rpm. The excavator adopts a hydraulic transmission system with two pumps and three valves, equipped with an open loop circuit, which can achieve high efficiency, good control performance and low operating noise.

The oil pipe of Komatsu PC60-7 excavator is leaking oil. The two main causes of the leakage are:

1. The fuel tank is damaged or the oil level is too high in the fuel tank;

2. Oil seal damage, need to replace the oil seal;

The operation method for solving komatsu pc60 excavator oil line leakage and solution:

1. Check whether the fuel tank is damaged or the oil level is too high in the fuel tank; If yes, repair or drain it in time;

2. If there is no problem with the fuel tank, check whether the oil seal is damaged; If yes, replace

komatsu pc60 excavator joints are easy to wear and loose

the parts in the connection between the parts through the “fastening fastener” (screw) to make the parts together, but also to facilitate future maintenance work to disassemble. The fastener joint is mostly composed of a screw, a nut and a washer. Used in more places, such as: bucket pin shaft, bucket cylinder shaft pin fixed, bucket rear door hinge pin fixed, etc..

specific reasons

(1) because of its position in the excavation process often exposed to mud and water, so it is easy to rust nuts;

(2) in order to ensure fastening effect, screw thread must be coated with lubricant, otherwise it is difficult to tighten or not;

(3) because the fastener is often used for fixing two different metal materials of parts (such as steel plate with cast iron), metal-to-metal friction will occur during use;

(4) because of loose tightening torque, so that screw looseness or even fall off.


1.Regular maintenance inspection to remove dirt accumulated in the joints.

2.Check whether the joint bolt is properly tightened and replace it as necessary.

komatsu pc60 excavator engine power is not enough

Check the fuel supply of the engine. If the fuel supply is normal, check whether the fuel tank is leaking or corrosive, whether the filter core is blocked, and whether the pressure of the oil pump is normal. If it is not normal, it should be handled in time.

If a fault occurs in the electrical system of the engine, such as a problem with the starting system or charging system. The engine will not start and overload protection will occur during working hours. At this time, other measures are needed to solve these problems.

The air filter of komatsu pc60 excavator engine is blocked and needs to be cleaned in time. If there is water or oil mixed in the air filter, it needs to be replaced immediately.

The intake pipe of komatsu pc60 excavator engine has a large amount of leakage and needs to be replaced immediately.

The intake valve does not close tightly, which causes too much gas consumption and affects the exhaust emission index of komatsu pc60 excavator engine. Therefore, it must be repaired in time after finding out this problem.

komatsu pc60 excavator oil line leakage

The following are some of the main reasons for the oil leak of Komatsu PC60 excavator:

1. There is a gap between the sealing surface, there is damage to the parts and materials, and other factors such as wear;

2. Oil pipe and joint surface adhesion at high temperature release, or deformation of parts;

3. The sealing element is damaged or aging due to improper use or long-term use;

4. The seal is too small or there is a crack in the material of the seal;

5. Installation error caused by improper installation process;

PC60 excavator oil line leakage and solution

1. Loose pipe joints

2. Lubricating oil pipe sealing ring damage

3. Wear of the seal ring on the groove of the hydraulic pump shaft sleeve

4. The hydraulic pump shaft sleeve is damaged

5. Loose connections of hydraulic pump covers, etc.

komatsu pc60 excavator internal system failure

we purchased a used komatsu pc60 excavator with the serial number being 60a63763. we didn’t get the chance to use it for even an hour before it started to show signs of internal problems. we took it back to where we bought it from and they told us that the hydraulic system needed to be replaced and they also said that they would top up the engine oil, but instead they drained all of the oil out and never refilled it.

we have had this machine for 3 days now, and have only been able to work with it for 4 hours total. on its first day, it wouldn’t start because the fuel pump was leaking (which is why i think they drained the engine oil). i was able to fix this problem by replacing the fuel pump myself.

the next day, i noticed that there was a huge puddle of hydraulic fluid under the machine. i opened up the cover for the hydraulic tank, and found that there were two hoses that were completely drenched in hydraulic fluid. one hose was leading from a valve on top of the tank into a cylinder on top of the arm, and another hose was leading from a valve on top of the tank into another cylinder on top of the bucket.

The above is a brief introduction of the komatsu pc60 excavator problem and solution

If you want to know about the komatsu pc60 excavator problem, or have any other questions, you can contact us.

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