komatsu excavator problem and solution

komatsu pc210 excavator problem and solution


Komatsu PC210 problem and solution. One of the most popular heavy equipment among the people is excavator. It can make your works easier. Since excavator machine is quite big, it sometimes has problems.

komatsu pc210

Komatsu pc210 Connecting rod bushing is too thin

At the beginning of this month, a customer who ordered Komatsu excavator connecting rod bushing asked about the problem. As a result, we found that there were problems with the factory, and then we solved the problem
After receiving this product, we first inspected it. We found that all of them are too thin. This is not just one or two factories.
The thickness of this batch of products is 6mm. The most common thickness is 6.5mm in the market. If it is thinner, it will be damaged immediately after installation.
So why do you need to take out so many products? When we talked with our supplier, he told us that their production process could not be avoided because they had to meet our requirements for low price and high quality.
The smallest weight of connecting rod bushing in the market is 2kg, but some factories only have 1kg. In order to reduce costs and match our prices, they do not use 2kg blank materials directly for production, but use 1kg blank materials for finishing treatment. So sometimes the product needs to be taken out for inspection and re-processing before delivery.

Komatsu pc210 Monitor the seal of the cylinder cover

The cylinder is a very important part of the komatsu pc210 excavator, which plays an important role in the whole machine. The maintenance of the cylinder is mainly concentrated in the seals, so how should we maintain it?
1. Before starting work, clean all parts, especially those that are easy to accumulate dirt, such as oil holes;
2. Add oil to the rubber ring and guide ring to facilitate installation. When installing, do not damage or twist them;
3. Choose a lubricant with low viscosity and high flash point;
4. When applying lubricant to an O-ring, apply it evenly on both sides of its cross section;
5. When applying lubricant to a guide ring or sleeve, apply it evenly at a distance of 0.5mm or more from its outer edge;
6. Clean up dirt and dust before installing seals;
7. After installing seals, perform pressure test without adding oil or water to ensure that there is no leakage at any point (reference pressure: 0.7MPa);
8. Check for scratches

Komatsu pc210 Hydraulic line leakage

1. Check the leak point
Check the leak point, check whether the hydraulic pipe is damaged, and check whether the joint is leaking. If it is a pipeline problem, replace the pipeline. If it is a joint leak, disassemble and repair it.
2. Check whether there is oil in the fuel tank
Check if there is oil in the fuel tank and whether there are impurities in the oil. If there are impurities, clean up, if not add oil.
3. Check for blockage of return filter
If we find that after adding hydraulic oil to the hydraulic tank but cannot enter or enter too slowly, we need to check for blockage of return filter

Komatsu pc210 Oil level overflow

In the case of Komatsu pc210 Oil level overflow, the treatment method is as follows:
1. Check whether the air filter of the excavator engine is blocked or not;
2. Check whether there is air leakage in the oil pipe;
3. Whether the oil pressure switch is normal;
4. If it is a new machine, check whether the oil gauge has been installed correctly;
5. The oil temperature sensor at the bottom of the fuel tank should be checked to see if it is broken or not;
6. When starting, check whether there will be a large amount of white smoke on the exhaust pipe and listen to whether there will be abnormal noise on the engine.

Komatsu pc210 There is oil on the water inlet of the radiator

The oil that accumulates in the water tank is mixed with water, then it is coolant or engine oil.
1. Check the coolant first, if it is coolant, it may be a cracked cylinder head gasket or a cracked cylinder body. If you have time to check this problem,
you can use the vacuum pump to pressurize the cylinder body (disconnect all pipes and valves except the vacuum pump), and observe whether there are air bubbles in the water tank.
2. If there is no air bubble in the water tank, then check whether there is any oil leakage at the joint of the oil pipe connected to the engine (the engine push rod box is not closed).
Then check whether there is any oil leakage on other parts of the main engine.
3. If there is still no problem with these two places, then it should be engine oil. Then you need to take off the fuel injection pump to see if there is any fuel leakage inside,
and whether the piston ring has fallen off due to wear or broken into fragments and mixed with fuel leakage into the combustion chamber, so that it has been burnt into.

Komatsu pc210 Cylinder does not retract (cylinder stops)

For those who do not know, the cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The hydraulic cylinder is used to extend and retract the boom cylinder, arm cylinder, and bucket cylinder.
How to repair Komatsu PC210:
1. Check whether the inlet and outlet oil passages of the main control valve are unblocked. If there is a blockage, clean it up and try again.
2. Check whether the boom cylinder, arm cylinder, bucket cylinder has air leakage. If there is air leakage, remove the air with an air removal device or remove the oil pump suction pipe from the tank bottom (locking screw must be removed), take out a little oil and try it again; if there is no leakage, then continue to check other reasons
3. Check whether the inverter pressure of the main control valve is high enough (about 25-30MPa). If it is insufficient, check whether the main pump delivery pressure meets the requirements (in normal working conditions, it should be about 35 MPa). If it does not meet the requirements, check whether there is any problem with all pipelines and valves connected with it;

Komatsu pc210 Compensator oil seal wear or damage

Komatsu pc210 Compensator oil seal wear or damage and solution
Due to the continued use of the excavator, especially in the long-term high-load operation, it is inevitable that some parts will be damaged. The most common damage is the seal ring of the compensator. How to prevent leakage of excavator hydraulic system oil for a long time?
1. The reason for the wear of the seal ring:
The main reason is that the pressure in the oil chamber exceeds the rated value, and it cannot withstand such high pressure, so it will cause wear.
2, easy to wear parts:
The front and rear oil seals of the upper and lower heads are easy to wear due to long-term high-pressure operation.
3. Solution:
When changing the seal ring, you must replace both ends of the head at one time. If only one side is changed, it is easy to cause another side to leak after a period of use.

We are all human, and we all make mistakes. Making a mistake is inevitable and I hope this article on problems komatsu pc210 excavator problems will help people see the errors in their ways so that they do not repeat them.

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