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komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le how do i change the epc valve


If you are looking to replace the epc valve of your Komatsu excavator PC200LC-6LE, you can do so by watching this short video. The process will take around 1.5 hours and can be achieved with basic hand tools. Make sure to also take your time when removing the old valve just to be safe, as it can break easily if you’re not careful.

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le-remove the hydraulic oil filter

Start by removing the hydraulic oil filter. This is a large cartridge filter that looks like a small oil drum. The top of the filter will unscrew and pull out, exposing the filtering media inside. Clean as much of this as you can with a rag, disposing of the old filter material.

Refill the filter with clean oil, making sure there are no air bubbles in it. Screw the top back on and fill with fresh oil until it covers the filter’s air vent tube.

Check to see if you have an aftercooler mounted to your engine. It looks like a small radiator, often tucked away underneath other components. Unscrew all bolts holding it to the radiator and engine block with a wrench and pull it out. Clean it thoroughly with soap and water, then set it aside to dry.

Use a wrench to remove all bolts holding your cooler core together and take it apart, separating the two halves by pulling them apart gently at first and breaking them loose with your hands if necessary. They should be filled with anti-freeze from your engine cooling system, but if not, flush them thoroughly with water using a garden hose or pressure washer. Once they’re clean, reassemble them and bolt them back together firmly using your wrench.

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le-remove the hydraulic oil filter on a komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le

To remove hydraulic oil filter on a komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le.

1. Stop the engine, and engage the parking brake.

2. Place the transmission lever in neutral and the machine travel lever in neutral position.

3. Lower the boom, arm and bucket to ground level.

4. Stop engine, shut fuel off and turn master switch to OFF position.

5. Relieve system pressure by turning the filter cap slowly until pressure is released from filter cap relief valve (approximately 3/4 turn).

6. Set up drain pan to catch any leaking oil from filter cap relief valve or filter head port.

7. Remove filter cap with a wrench (1/2″ Sq.), then remove filter element with a chain type wrench or equivalent tool, remove rubber gasket, then clean gasket mounting surface of adapter with a clean cloth.”

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le-how do you change the epc valve on a komatsu 200 lc

The servo is located on the bottom side of the valve and is held in by a 13mm bolt. You will need an allen wrench or torx wrench to remove the servo. The valve plunger has two 7mm bolts holding it in place. After you remove these bolts, the valve should be free to remove from the pump.

Before you put the new valve in, make sure to put grease on the O-rings that are on the plunger or it may cause the servo to stick.

When you install the new valve, make sure that you install the torque chip with it. This chip restricts how far the valve can move and will cause damage if not installed correctly.

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le-what are the steps to changing out the epc valve on a komatsu excavator

The control valve is the most important component in an excavator, and it is also the most vulnerable. The amount of oil pressure that can be adjusted by the control valve is called a pressure difference. The oil capacity of the engine, the contact area of ​​the piston in each cylinder, and the length of the piston stroke determine the pressure difference produced by the engine.

The control valve block is an important part of an excavator, which uses a plurality of working ports to connect with various hydraulic components such as pumps and actuators. The working ports are connected to each other through a plurality of holes on the valve body to form a flow path. The control valve block is configured under normal circumstances. There are two types: manual and electric. In manual mode, the operation of various hydraulic components is controlled by adjusting manually; in electric mode, it is controlled by electrical signals.

The purpose of installing an EPC (Electro-Proportional Control) valve in an excavator is to control some operations such as: attachments (thumb, ripper, etc.)

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le-how to change out a epc valve on a komatsu 200lc-6le excavator

The Komatsu PC200LC-6LE Hydraulic Excavator is a reliable, proven performer. Its easy-to-maintain design keeps the machine running at peak efficiency. The excavator features a powerful Tier III-compliant Komatsu engine that provides exceptional performance. An innovative hydraulic system and a durable undercarriage minimize operating costs.

The Epc Valve is located in the Electronic Control Valve Assembly and/or the Control Valve Assembly

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le-how to remove and reinstall the epc valve on a komatsu 200lc-6le excavator

First you need to remove the two large bolts that hold the epc bracket to the boom. The bolts are located on the top side of the boom, just above and in front of the valve cover.

After you have removed those bolts you can pull the epc valve out of line.

You will need a special tool to remove and install this valve into the brass fitting. The tool looks similar to a small pipe wrench but has a very narrow jaw opening.

The jaws are spring loaded so when you squeeze them together they open up into the valve allowing you to turn it out of the fitting. This tool is not cheap so you may have trouble finding one unless you plan on doing more than one valve at a time.

This is where I would recomend taking it to your dealer and have them pull it for you if this is your first time working on these machines.

komatsu excavator pc200lc-6le-remove the main valve cover and epc valve assembly

n order to remove the main valve cover and epc valve assembly the hydraulic oil tank must be removed. To remove hydraulic tank loosen and remove bolts holding it in place. Start at bottom and work your way up both sides. After all bolts are removed gently push on bottom of tank to help drain any remaining oil. Remove tank from machine.

Remove the epc valve assembly. Remove two bolts that hold the epc valve assembly in place, then gently pry it off with a screwdriver. Remove the o-ring from the valve body then replace it with a new one. Install new valve in reverse order from removal.

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