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Volvo ec18e excavator is a very professional machine. The redesigned incline and rubber tracks enable this heavy duty excavator to dig in high ground with smaller wheel track angle.

volvo ec18e excavator hydraulics

The EC18E is fitted with a new generation hydraulic system that increases the machines productivity, maneuverability, and operator comfort.

The hydraulic pump transmits oil at high pressure to the hydraulic motor and various attachments. The oil flows through the hydraulic hoses, control valves and pilot control valves.

High Productivity

The use of load-sensing hydraulics in combination with a variable displacement pump ensures that only the required oil flow rate is delivered to the attachment at any given time. This means no energy is wasted and the machine is always working at its maximum potential.

A reduced number of hoses, lines and couplings mean less fluid friction loss which in turn gives higher efficiency and longer life for the components.

Greater Maneuverability

The ECO mode on the EC18E allows you to reduce engine rpm under light loads without compromising on performance. This gives you more precise control of movements and an increase in fuel savings.

EngineVolvo D0.9A
Gross power16.1 hp
Net power15.8 hp
Engine speed at max engine torque2,300 rpm
Operating weight3,748 lbs
Operating weight, canopy version3,748 lbs
Bucket capacity0.02 – 0.07 yd³
Travel speed, low / high1.12 / 2.17 mph
Slewing speed9.5 rpm
Breakout force2,900 lbf
Tear out force (arm breakout force)1,787.2 lbf
Overall width3′ 3.2″ ft in
Overall length11′ 3.1″ ft in
Main hydraulic pump max. flow9 gal/min

volvo ec18e excavator has an excellent fuel efficiency rate of 9.7 litres per hour

The Volvo EC18E compact excavator is one of the most fuel-efficient machines on the market. Thanks to the unique design of its engine and hydraulics, it combines high power with low fuel consumption.

The Volvo EC18E has an excellent fuel efficiency rate of 9.7 litres per hour, which is very low for a machine in this size class.

This is made possible by the combination of a powerful and efficient engine with a hydraulic system that uses energy optimally.

The Volvo D3 engine in the EC18E produces high torque at low rpm, which results in good digging performance at moderate engine speeds. This reduces fuel consumption and noise levels, while extending service intervals and lowering maintenance costs.

The hydraulic system features a load-sensing pump with variable displacement to match the flow exactly to demand. The result is minimal power loss due to leakage or internal friction, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

volvo ec18e excavator

volvo ec18e excavator engine

The Volvo EC18E mini excavator features a swing boom, two-speed travel, an extendable dozer blade and the largest cab in its class for maximum visibility and comfort.

The EC18E is able to tackle the toughest jobs with ease. Its retractable undercarriage allows you to work in confined spaces or expand to full width for stability on uneven terrain. The standard blade allows you to backfill trenches, slopes or grades. Maintain precise control with a smooth, easy-to-operate joystick. And enjoy the confidence that comes from Volvo’s advanced technology and industry-leading safety and reliability standards.

On top of all this, you can count on your dealer for unmatched support and service. We’ll help you choose the configuration that’s right for you and your applications — and keep it running at peak performance throughout its entire life cycle.

volvo ec18e excavator transmission

The Volvo EC18C compact (mini) excavator has a 2.6 tonne operating weight and a maximum digging depth of 2,537mm. It is well-equipped with a comfortable and spacious cab that provides ample legroom. This machine is also efficient and economical as it consumes less fuel without compromising its performance. The Volvo EC18C mini excavator features a powerful engine, robust built and high-quality components that are designed to offer optimum productivity and reliability.

volvo ec18e excavator safety features

Safety is a top priority at Volvo Construction Equipment. That’s why we’ve made various safety features standard equipment on all new Volvo excavators.

For example, the Cab Guard System (CGS) provides upper-structure protection for operators and other personnel working near the cab or boom area. The CGS automatically engages when the boom is raised to protect against falling objects.

The operator’s seat is fitted with a retractable seatbelt, and an occupant detection system (ODS) prevents the machine from moving when no-one is in the operator’s seat with their seatbelt fastened.

The Standard Rear View Camera helps improve rear visibility and operator awareness, while anti-skid plates are also installed on each step as an additional safety feature.

volvo ec18e excavator Simple to use

The award-winning EC18E is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, including landscaping and general construction. Designed to deliver power and precision, the EC18E offers outstanding stability and fast response times, thanks to an optimized hydraulic system. In addition, this compact excavator delivers low fuel consumption and reduced emissions, thanks to its high-efficiency engine.

Our compact excavators are designed with a host of groundbreaking features that improve productivity and performance while minimizing operating costs. The EC18E is no exception. With intuitive controls, low noise levels and excellent visibility, this mini excavator is simple to operate – and built with safety in mind.

volvo ec18e excavator

The volvo ec18e excavator is a powerful and effective machine

The volvo ec18e excavator is a powerful and effective machine. It comes with a number of features that make it a truly versatile piece of equipment. The volvo ec18e is designed to be used in a variety of different situations, from digging holes in the ground to removing rocks from the ground. The volvo ec18e can also be used for loading and unloading trucks. It has been designed in such a way that it can handle almost any type of load.

One of the most attractive features of the volvo ec18e is its ease of use. A person who has never operated one before will soon realize how easy it is to use this machine. All you need to do is plug it into an electrical outlet and turn it on. You can then begin working immediately with no problems whatsoever.

The volvo ec18e comes with two different types of engines; petrol and diesel. While they both work well, petrol engines tend to run more smoothly than diesel ones. They also tend to produce less noise when they are under load, which makes them ideal for people who want quiet surroundings for their projects.

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