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Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Review


The Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator is used worldwide. It was recently released in 2011 and has attracted a lot of attention due to its unique design. I have had the pleasure of using Volvos for over 23 years and have been consistently impressed with their ability to construct top quality machinery with excellent power to weight ratios.

Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Design and Comfort

The Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator is equipped with an electronically controlled Volvo D4E Tier 4i/Stage IIIB diesel engine rated at 130 horsepower (97 kW). Maximum torque is 31 percent higher than that of a comparable Volvo engine. Fuel consumption has been reduced by up to 5 percent, and the swing motor provides greater power and efficiency.

The cab design features a newly developed control handle and an intuitive joystick, which provide superior controllability. The new seat and steering wheel offer new levels of comfort during long workdays, while the easily adjustable pedals reduce the risk of operator fatigue.

The 10 percent larger operator cab offers more space to maneuver and enhanced visibility. The standard rearview camera makes it easier to see behind the machine when working in reverse.

Volvo EC160E

Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Engine and Specifications

Volvo’s EC160E is the latest addition to the company’s mid-range E Series. To keep ahead of emissions legislation, Volvo has fitted its latest Tier 3/Stage IIIa compliant D5E engine. The EC160E model weighs in at 16t and has a standard bucket capacity of 0.7m3 (1.1m3 with heavy-duty bucket).

Standard features include a low-emission engine, auto climate control, an informational display, a 4in1 bucket, USB port and adjustable steering column. There are also new serviceability features, including automatic greasing system, ground level access to daily checks and a fully glazed cab door for better all-round visibility.

The EC160E has a new type of frame structure with a more robust rear structure and redesigned undercarriage that contributes to better stability and tilting resistance in tough applications. It also benefits from the same chassis geometry as other E Series excavators for improved lifting capacity and stability.

Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Weight and Dimensions

This Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Service Manual describes the operation and maintenance of the Volvo EC160E Crawler Excavators. This handbook is a system of care in the operation and repair of machines, which allows to detect and eliminate problems and inaccuracies.

Operating weight36,266 – 45,592 lbs
Gross power148 hp
Engine speed at max engine torque2,000 rpm
Bucket capacity0.39 – 1.26 yd³
Lifting capacity, along undercarriage11,090 lbs
…at reach / height20 / 5 ft
Max. digging reach29′ 6″ ft in
Max. digging depth19′ 11″ ft in
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Normal)25,920 lbf
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Boost)27,400 lbf
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Normal)18,370 lbf
Overall width feet inches9′ 2″ ft in
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Boost)19,420 lbf
Tail swing radius8′ 4″ ft in

Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Steering and Braking System

The Volvo EC160E has a robust and reliable steering system, with a large steering cylinder on each side of the machine. The steering cylinders are connected to the front axle using strong steel tubes that are protected by steel covers. The large diameter hollow track rollers on the front axle ensure excellent ground contact and low ground pressure. The standard tracks are designed for good performance on hard surfaces.

The Volvo EC160E also has a robust and reliable braking system based on a wet multiple-disc brake in an oil bath. The brake is activated by hydraulic pressure generated by the engine via a vacuum valve or by the parking brake. The latter is activated by a lever next to the seat, which locks the hydraulic pump. Should there be a leak in the system, this is indicated with an instrument in the cab.

Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Transmission, Lift Capacity and Tires

The standard transmission on the Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator is a hydrostatic transmission that offers two working speeds.

The Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator comes with two speed modes for reverse, as well. The two speeds can be pre-selected and are used for different applications.

The Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator also has an anti-slip control system that is designed to limit tire slip, which results in less wear and tear on the tires and the drive components, including brakes and couplings. When the wheels of the Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator reach a certain degree of slip while turning, the system automatically reduces torque to stabilize movement.

The Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator has front tires that have a diameter of 1210 mm and rear tires that have a diameter of 1180 mm. The width of the tires is 400 mm for both front and rear tires. The ground clearance is 530 mm for both front and rear tires.

Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator Accessories

Parts program VOLVO EC160E is a catalog of original spare parts and accessories, which contains the complete manual of spare parts, parts books, technical specifications, software designed to improve the service of excavators Volvo.Use the catalog Volvo EC160E to find information about the accessories and spare parts for your machine.

The electronic product “Volvo EC160E Wheeled Excavator” is dealer’s software which contains full detailed information.

We have the catalog “Volvo EC160E Wheeled Excavator” in stock and it is possible to order and buy it now. After you receive the software, we will send all instructions needed to install and provide the after-sale support.

Product Delivery: You can download the files IMMEDIATELY once payment is done.

Volvo EC160e

The Volvo EC160E wheeled excavator is an impressive machine

Volvo Construction Equipment’s EC160E crawler excavator is a machine that brings high performance in all areas. Its powerful, fuel efficient engine delivers up to 180 hp (134 kW), while its advanced hydraulics system provides fast cycle times and smooth operation. The well-designed cab offers exceptional operator comfort and a wide range of operator assistance systems that boost productivity. The Volvo Care Cab offers best-in-class visibility, minimal noise levels and a fully adjustable seat.

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