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The Volvo EW240E mh is a five-axle self-erecting hydraulic excavator featuring a 1440kW (1900 hp) Volvo engine and an EWP-7A Hydraulic Work Platform, along with an entire host of other features. This article provides an overview of the Volvo EW240E mh and its core components.

volvo ew240e mh Engine and transmission

The Volvo EW240E MH is a rigid dump truck with a robust and reliable Volvo engine. This machine has the power to take on tough jobs in challenging conditions. The EW240E MH features an automatic transmission with six forward gears and three reverse gears for easy handling and effortless gear shifting.

The Volvo D8J engine has a displacement of 8 litres and is equipped with four cylinders. The maximum power output of this engine is 176 kilowatts at 2,100 revolutions per minute. The maximum torque is 883 Newton metres at 1,400 revolutions per minute. The engine can be started electrically via a starter motor or manually with a hand crank. It uses air cooled intercoolers to cool the hot air that flows through the turbochargers.

The Volvo EW240E MH features an exhaust brake that uses the engine’s compression to slow down the machine when descending steep slopes. This significantly reduces the amount of wear on the service brakes and increases safety when the machine is operating on uneven terrain or in steep gradients.

Operating weight57,320 lbs
Gross power173 hp
Engine speed at max engine torque1,800 rpm
Max speed12.4 mph

volvo ew240e mh Performance

The Volvo EW240E MH is a wheeled excavator. It has the performance of a large machine packed into a small footprint, offering lower fuel consumption, higher productivity and greater lifting capacity. Thanks to its long boom and arm, it’s ideal for digging trenches and excavations in tight spaces. Compared with other conventional machines, it offers higher capacity for the same weight or footprint and greater lifting capability at the end of the boom.

The EW240E MH has been designed for great versatility. The machine is fitted with a quick-change system for increased flexibility, allowing you to use a wide range of attachments with ease. It can work with compactors, augers, breakers and more. The quick-change system also makes it easy to switch from one attachment to another.

The EW240E MH is equipped with the latest generation Volvo engine that meets the stringent Tier 4 Final emission standards without sacrificing performance. It offers responsive power, fast cycle times and high efficiency.

volvo ew240e mh

volvo ew240e mh Ride and handling

The steering is light, but it needs an occasional correction to keep the car straight on the motorway. It isn’t a problem, but you do need to be aware of it. The turning circle is excellent and it’s easy to park. There’s a lot of space in the front and back, but the huge sunroof eats into headroom a bit.

In the back there are three three-point seatbelts, so there’s no need to worry about having just two for three children. The middle seat is quite high though, which will make it difficult for smaller children to see out of the window. There’s a good amount of storage space inside, with plenty of nooks and crannies throughout the cabin.

volvo ew240e mh MPG and running costs

The Volvo EW240E MH is a 4-wheel drive, articulated hauler designed to work in construction and mining environments. The EW240E MH is a 6-wheel vehicle, instead of the usual 10, which allows it to be more manoeuvrable and agile.

The Volvo EW240E MH articulated hauler has a Volvo D6E engine with an output of 235 hp. The engine complies with strict EU Stage IV/US Tier 4 Final emissions requirements while providing high power density, excellent fuel economy and low total cost of ownership.

The engine is coupled to a Volvo Powershift transmission, which offers optimum torque and speed for each application.

A 5% increase in fuel efficiency was achieved thanks to a combination of intelligent features such as the ZF front axle with the front idler moved forward for reduced rolling resistance, an optimised cooling package that reduces air resistance and an optional new on-demand fan.

Onboard technology includes Volvo’s Care Track system, which can monitor and record driving behaviour, help improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear on components.

volvo ew240e mh Interior and tech

The EW240E MH, like all the EW series of trucks, has a cab that is both spacious and functional. The driving position is excellent as are the seats, and there’s plenty of space for two crew members in the front.

The driver’s seat also has a built-in weighing scale which accurately estimates the truck’s payload and prompts you to adjust the suspension height when required.

There are numerous storage compartments throughout the cab, including a fold-down table and generous bins beneath the seats.

All controls fall readily to hand and there’s plenty of headroom – even for taller operators – while the large wraparound windscreen provides excellent visibility.

The Volvo features an excellent array of safety features including a rear-view camera, lane departure warning system and automatic traction control.

volvo ew240e mh Design

The volvo ew240e mh Design and the volvo ew240e mh design is a very good volvo ew240e mh Design. I have used the volvo ew240e mh Design and the volvo ew240e mh design on many occasions. The volvo ew240e mh Design and the volvo ew240e mh design is great for use in the workplace.

volvo ew240e mh Practicality

Volvo’s latest range of trucks is primarily aimed at the UK market, with the manufacturer having taken into account recent changes to the driving test and the introduction of Euro 6 emissions regulations.

It also has a new cab, with a new front end that looks more like the FH than the old FM. The cab is wider, too, which should make it more comfortable for drivers.

The new front end features round headlamps and LED daytime running lights on higher-spec models. It’s much better looking than the old car-like square lamps on the FM, which were pretty dated in their design and didn’t look right on a truck.

The interior of the cab is a similar affair to other Volvos. The dash is well laid out and there’s plenty of storage available for all your bits and bobs. There aren’t any huge changes from previous models inside, but Volvo has put some effort into making it more driver-friendly and has ditched analogue dials for a digital dash – although this isn’t standard equipment.

volvo ew240e mh

volvo ew240e mh Verdict

Volvo’s EW240E is a solid performer, with the advantage of being able to carry out multiple operations.

The smoothness and comfort of the cab and the precise control systems are a big plus. The machine is versatile and can be used for all sorts of jobs, which should save time and money on site.

The EW240E is a smart-looking machine with plenty of spec at a sensible price. If you’re in the market for a large, easy-to-operate excavator that’s capable of doing more than just digging, this Volvo looks to be worth a closer look.

The Volvo EW240E MH is a fantastic workhorse of a machine

The Volvo EW240E MH is a fantastic workhorse of a machine. It’s got enough power for any job around town and on the highway. The truck has a powerful turbo-charged diesel engine, great fuel economy and a comfortable cab with room for up to three people.

The truck is perfect for any job around town or on the highway. It’s got enough power for any job around town and on the highway. It’s got enough power for any job around town or on the highway. The truck has a powerful turbo-charged diesel engine, great fuel economy and a comfortable cab with room for up to three people.

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